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We Got a New Sofa from JL Furniture!

Updated: Jun 21, 2021

Hi, my honeys! After over a year of wanting to switch up our living space, we finally got a new sofa from Jonathan Louis Furniture! (sponsored) I know this is a big purchase for many people, so I wanted to walk you through our sofa buying process, offer some tips along the way, and give you our full review of our new Nate Sectional from JL Furniture! Keep reading if you've been super indecisive about a new sofa, or you have felt like there aren't enough good options and styles out there!

Let me start by saying that I did a TON of research on sofas over the course of the last year. We wanted something very specific, and I was having a hard time finding what we wanted. Full disclosure, I collaborated with JL on this sofa, but I reached out to them because I found that they had the most options to choose from and such good reviews. When you start perusing their website, you'll immediately notice just how many options there are by way of sofa styles! You simply click on a style you're interested in, and you'll also see how each style is customized by their size offerings.

For instance, our Nate sofa comes in a total of 9 sizes and configurations! You can buy it as a regular sofa or as a sectional in several sizes, and they have individual pieces so you can put together your own sectional! We knew that we for sure wanted the Nate style sectional, because it was sleek in design, and its Pluma Plush cushions were so thick and luxurious looking! They combine duck feathers and down and foam all channeled to hold the shape of the cushions and prevent shifting. We decided to upgrade in size from our current 104" sectional to their 109" Nate sectional. It's nice and deep at 43", and the chaise is actually wide enough for two people to snuggle up on it! We did opt to add on an extra 24" x 32" ottoman to our order, because we both love to have our legs up facing the TV!

Now, we got to do the fun part, and that was decide on a fabric! Jonathan Louis Furniture has so many fabrics to choose from--seriously so many! The best part is, you can order swatches delivered right to your door to see and feel them in person. Pro tip: when you get your fabric swatches in the mail, make sure to spill and pet test them! We intentionally spilled juice on a couple of their just live™ performance fabrics that were said to be stain and water resistant and were so impressed when each came clean with just a little soap and water on a paper towel! We also rubbed the swatches on our cats to see how noticeable their fur would be on the swatches and how easy it would be to remove the fur.

Ultimately, we decided on their Dover Ivory fabric, one of their performance fabrics in their just live™ collection. We knew we wanted a light sofa, but we needed the fabric to be able to hold up in our household! It is seriously the perfect shade of off-white without being yellow, and its super chunky threads add so much texture to the room! We opted to have the Nate's included toss pillows and the ottoman all in the same fabric for a monochrome look, but you could also customize your sofa with different fabrics for your pillows! Once we selected all our options, the wait was on for our brand-new sectional! They manufacture each sofa from A to Z, so you end up with a truly custom, handcrafted sofa by their skilled artisans! This is a quality investment piece, made-to-order, and ready to enjoy for years to come.

When the sofa was delivered, it was immediately time to streamline the living room an d restyle the space! I wanted to keep the styling light, bright, and minimal for the summer! It will be exciting to change up various elements of the room for each season, and I love that our sofa lends itself to all kinds of styling! When styling your home for the Spring and Summer months, I highly suggest adding more plants (real ones if you can) to purify the air and bring the outdoors in! I also recommend using light colors in the space whether it's neutral beige or light pastels for a fresh look! I swapped out the blush artwork I had in my wall frames to these gorgeous neutral prints. My husband and I then put the sofa in place centered on the rug, and we brought in my diy coffee tables. I styled those out by adding just a couple of books and decorative elements. I paired down my plants in the bow window for a more minimal look, and we added curtains on either size of the window up high for a grander look a couple months ago in preparation for the new room concept!

Overall, I am absolutely tickled by how amazing our living room refresh turned out and how cozy and stylish our JL Furniture Nate sectional is in our home. I have already fallen asleep on the sofa twice now--it's that comfy--and I am just so impressed by how well-made it is and how polished it looks in our space. You can really feel and see the high level of quality, and the fact that we got to pick out everything from the style, configuration, size, sofa fabric, and pillow covers fabric makes it such a perfect, custom piece! To find a dealer near you, just CLICK HERE, and you can get started on creating your own piece with Jonathan Louis Furniture. To get more inspo and see more of their custom furniture, head over to the JL Furniture Instagram page, and of course you can head to my Instagram page to see more of the sofa styled in my home. Thanks for reading, and feel free to reach out with any questions you might have!

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beautiful! Could you tell me where those frame above your sofa is from?

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