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Number One Interior Home Decorating Tip: Lighting Matters

Hi, my honeys! It's my number one tip for creating an inviting: lighting matters! In this blog post, I'll offer lots of ways to set the tone of your home through lighting! As a home content creator, lighting is just so important to get right in your home because it really can create the perfect mood for your space. People always ask me how the photos of my home look so good, and I'm telling you it's all about the lighting! This blog post is sponsored by EcoSmart light bulbs exclusively available at The Home Depot.

Let's talk lighting sources for a minute! There are many ways to light up the interior of your home including recessed lighting, ceiling lighting (pendants, flush mounts, chandeliers), wall lighting like sconces, and what I like to call secondary lighting (floor and table lamps). All of these can be equally important, but today, I'd love to chat specifically about secondary lighting, because I feel this is a way to make your home a vibe!

Floor lamps and table lamps provide accent lighting in your home, but they can also be used as the single light source in a room for an ultra cozy mood. The Home Depot has an amazing selection of floor and table lamps for any room in your home! I had a fun time picking out a new floor lamp, table lamp, and some super cute decorative accessories from The Home Depot website to update our lower level living room and guest bedroom! Below are the lights and accent decor I picked out!


Choosing the right light bulbs for secondary lighting like this is so important for how they will function in your space. EcoSmart has such a wide selection of quality light bulbs with new innovative features and different tones to set any mood in your home, and most come with a 10 year warranty at The Home Depot.

EcoSmart's LED filament light bulbs are great for clear glass lamps because they are very minimal looking yet provide a true vintage look! EcoSmart's DuoBright light bulbs allow you to adjust the temperature of the light bulb through your existing dimmer switch, and they have a Dusk to Dawn light bulb that adjusts the lighting for the time of day through automation! Believe it or not, EcoSmart even has light bulbs with bluetooth speakers built right in! They have so many great options I want you to be aware of, and I've linked my favorites below! Tap on the photo below to check them out!

Now, let's chat about light bulb temperature! I use a mix of warm and cool toned light bulbs in my home depending on the look I'm trying to achieve in a space! If I want a super clean, true white tone to the lighting, I use EcoSmart's 60W Daylight light bulb, which can last for up to 13 years. The result is a crisp white tone mimicking the look of daylight.

However, if I'm looking to achieve a warm, amber glow, I opt for the vintage style EcoSmart 40W Warm White light bulb. It is the ultimate moody, cozy vibe, and I use 40W to give me just enough light for the room without it being overpowering. I feel like this light bulb mimics candlelight, which is what makes it look so inviting!

You can really see the difference between these two light bulbs when you see them side by side in my lower living room space! The beauty is the 40w warm white light bulb from EcoSmart is clear with a thin filament, so it's not prominent in my gorgeous floor lamp from The Home Depot but both look great whether they're on or off! They both are long lasting, LED light bulbs!

Now, let's take a look at these same two EcoSmart light bulbs in my guest room! See how you can alter the paint color on your walls just with light bulbs? The daylight 60w light bulb makes the tone on the walls much more pink, while the warm white 40w light bulb has the paint color pulling more beige! It's amazing that just switching the light bulb can adjust the wall color so much! It's all about preference, and with EcoSmart's huge selection at The Home Depot, you can create many different types of moods with their innovative light bulbs!

I hope this post was helpful for you as you choose new lighting or light bulbs for your home! I definitely suggest you experiment with some of EcoSmart's innovative light bulbs around your home, and don't forget to check out The Home Depot for the entire selection of EcoSmart bulbs and some amazing lighting and decorative accent pieces! Feel free to email me with any of your interior lighting questions!

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