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NEW SOFA REVIEW: Jonathan Louis Harris Sectional

Updated: May 29, 2023

Hi, my honeys! If I've learned one thing over the years as a home content creator, it's that shopping for a new sofa can be challenging! Today, I'm going to share our new sectional sofa for our living room with you, what I love about it, and why we chose it! I hope this helps you make a great decision on a sofa for your own home!

For our new home, we knew we wanted another Jonathan Louis sofa. We had one in our last home that we absolutely adored, and we ended up having to sell it with the sale of that home. My biggest issue with shopping the department stores for a new sofa is I always found the quality to be a bit subpar, and you're limited on options for your sofa fabric, fill, feet, and pillows.

This is not the case with Jonathan Louis furniture! You pick the style you want from their huge selection of living room pieces, you choose the configuration and size from their list of options, you choose the fabric from their giant selection of high-end fabrics including some great durable options, you pick the fill you want (I love their Pluma Plush), and you can even get some custom pillows for your sofa!

Once you decide on your options, you can use their dealer locator to find a dealer near you to order your sofa! We chose their 114" Harris sectional sofa this time for its length, depth, and style. We wanted something ultra comfy that you could spend hours chatting with friends on or cozying up to watch a movie on, but also we wanted it to look stylish in our space. The clean lines along the sides and back of this sectional is perfect for what we need in our open living room space, and we chose their gorgeous Jubilee Pearl fabric for it. The texture of their Jubilee Pearl fabric is so dreamy, and it reminds me of a more durable bouclé fabric!

The Harris Sectional from Jonathan Louis also features deep seats, an extra wide chase, and their Pluma Plush filling inside the cushions which includes a high-resiliency, super-soft foam core encased in a “feather barrier,” filled with feather blend (50% polyester fiber/45% duck feather/5%duck). The feeling when you sit is so luxurious, and the cushions hold their shape so well that you're not constantly having to fluff them! Honestly, the fill is probably my favorite aspect to the Harris Sectional, and I have fallen asleep so many times on it already! The frame of the sofa is also super stable and supportive.

I am happy to report that we are so happy with our selection of the Harris Sectional from Jonathan Louis after a couple months of enjoying it in our new home! If you want a sofa that feels so super comfy while also adding style and clean lines to your space, this is it! I fully stand behind this brand for their excellent quality furniture made by skilled artisans and carefully delivered to your home in perfect packing. I'll update this post a year from now to let y'all know how we are loving it after more wear and tear in our home! Tap HERE to find a Jonathan Louis dealer near you!

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How is it constructed? Is the frame made from Kiln dried wood? What type of springs?



I am considering this fabric for a new sofa purchase. How has it held up? Also, have have cushions held Their shape? i am reading mixed reviews about quality online. While I don’t expect it to be supremely well made, I’d like it to last 5ish years while still looking nice.

Dec 03, 2023
Replying to

It held up extremely well - i no longer own that sofa since we sold it with our last home, but I know it’s still being used. Only thing I’d say is to get a spot cleaner machine. Seemed to get most of the stains out, but you will have some overall darkening of the white fabric after some time - dirt, dyes from your jeans, etc. but overall the cushions hold up well - great sofa!

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