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Kitchen Appliance Review: Z-Line Suite from Rustic Kitchen and Bath

Updated: Jun 25

Hi, my honeys! I wanted to wait to provide you a review of our ZLINE appliances we got from Rustic Kitchen and Bath. These were gifted to me by them, so I wanted to use them for a few months before giving my feedback since I know appliances are a big purchase in a kitchen renovation! Here is my full review of our ZLINE refrigerator, dishwasher, and induction range!

When planning our kitchen renovation, I was looking for a place where we could get our entire suite of kitchen appliances--enter Rustic Kitchen and Bath! Not only do they let you build a custom package of appliances, they offer free expert home design consultations, Affirm financing, fast and easy shipping (Our appliances shipped at lightning speed!), great sales, and a U.S. based call center to answer any questions you have! What's also great about Rustic Kitchen and Bath is they have lots of other items like furniture, decor, sinks, faucets, wine coolers, and more. It's really one stop shopping if you're renovating your bathroom or kitchen!

Now, let's chat appliances! I really wanted our appliances to be functional but also stylish. I did not have custom cabinetry, so our appliances would not be able to be hidden. Therefore, I wanted appliances that would blend in or even enhance the look of our kitchen. When I saw the ZLINE suite of kitchen appliances on Rustic Kitchen and Bath's website, I knew they were perfect for our modern Victorian style kitchen! I chose the black stainless steel finish to continue the moody look of our kitchen and blend in with our black granite counters and backsplash. I was able to customize our appliances with gold handles to pair nicely with our polished brass cabinet hardware!

ZLINE Autograph Edition 36 in. 21.6 cu. ft Freestanding French Door Refrigerator with Water and Ice Dispenser in Fingerprint Resistant Black Stainless Steel with Polished Gold Accents (RFMZ-W-36-BS-G)

The ZLINE Autgraph Edition French Door Refrigerator features: a smudge-proof and fingerprint resistant finish, counter depth design, a spacious 21.6 cu. ft. interior capacity and two large freezer drawers, built-in water/ice dispenser, adjustable fridge and freezer temperatures, and more!

We especially love the refrigerated drawer for storing lunch meat, dips, and cheeses! The freezer drawers are surprisingly deep, perfect for storing lots of frozen fruit and veggie bags and pizzas! We have also been loving the door storage shelves which have been super helpful for storing snack packs, salad dressings, and my wellness shots! The refrigerator is also very quiet, so you don't even hear it running! It cleans very easily with a standard stainess cleaner and lint-free washcloth, and we rarely have to wipe it down because it is super smudge and fingerprint proof! Lastly, we love how much it stores even though it's counter depth - you really don't lose out on strorage! Overall, I can't say a bad thing about this refrigerator! It is functioning great after about 6 months of daily use, and my husband and I love it!

ZLINE Autograph Edition 24 in. Tallac Series 3rd Rack Top Control Built-In Tall Tub Dishwasher in Black Stainless Steel with Polished Gold Handle, 51dBa (DWVZ-BS-24-G)

The ZLINE Autograph Edition 24" Tallac Series Dishwasher features: 8 different wash cycles, including a 50-minute Super Mode that cleans soiled dishes quicker while remaining energy-efficient, an auto-sensing system determines the type of cycle and pressure required, limiting water usage to an energy-efficient 3.4 gallons per load, minimal noise, and it comfortable fits 15 place settings with a third rack, all while being ENERGY STAR compliant!

We love that the dishes come out sparkling clean every time, the option to choose a wash cycle based on our needs, and the heated dry which allows us to empty the dishwater rather quickly after a cycle. The clean, sleek look of the black stainless steel with the simple gold handle made it fit right in with our kitchen cabinetry. It's also insanely quiet, to the point that Ian and I forget that it's even on! We haven't found a con to this dishwasher yet, because we have really had no issues with it over the last six months!

ZLINE 30 in. 4.0 cu. ft. Induction Range with a 4 Element Stove and Electric Oven in Black Stainless Steel (RAIND-BS-30)

The ZLINE 30" Induction Range features: an incredibly fast boil that is 50% faster than competing cooktops, an easy one-swipe clean up with a smooth-surface Schott-Ceran® glass cooktop, advanced induction technology will only heat your cookware and food, allowing the area around the cooktop to be safe to touch, LED knob indicators that light up when the range is in use, smoothe Glide Ball-Bearing Oven Racks, and the 3 layered glass and aluminum mesh seal offers superior heat retention and a consistent temperature! This range is built to last!

We love the easily wipeable cooktop, how quickly water boils on the induction cooktop, and the super smoothe glide oven racks! I can make pasta in record time with how quickly water boils, and gone are the days of having to yank the oven rack out of the range--these glide like butter! We also loved that ZLINE customer service allowed us to customize our range with a gold handle and gold feet. Some cons are: the induction range doesn't yet come with the option for gold knobs like the gas range does and the oven fan that automatically comes on when cooking for a bit is a little noisy. If you have a busy household with kids running around, you might not hardly notice it, but in our quiet home of two we notice. We also wish there was a digital timer, but we've remedied that easily with our Alexa device in the kitchen. Overall, we are pleased with this range, and we feel it is a safer alternative to a gas range in our home.

I would definitely recommend our ZLINE kitchen appliance suite and Rustic Kitchen and Bath. The appliances came with clear instructions, and there are some amazing videos on ZLINE appliances that help you troubleshoot and set up your appliances. The quality is definitely a noticeable upgrade from previous brands we've used and is reminiscent of appliances from decades past that were durable and built to last! We had a great experience with ordering and the speedy delivery of our appliances! If I am ever crazy enough to renovate a kitchen again (haha), I will definitely be going to Rustic Kitchen and Bath to buy more ZLINE appliances!

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