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Start to Finish: Make it With Michael's No Sew Pillow Covers

Hi, my honeys! My favorite craft store Michael's reached out to me to see if I wanted to create something with their fabrics, and HELLO, of course I said yes! This blog post is sponsored by Michael's, and I'm going to teach you the greatest DIY skill of all time! Seriously, I'm never buying another pillow cover again! Keep reading if you want to learn how to make no-sew pillow covers with Michael's fabric!



1) Everything fabric - 2 yards - I loved the pink and off-white color but also it reads “If you love everything you have, you have everything you need”. I thought That was super cute!

2) Flamingo fabric - 2 yards - because who doesn’t love pink flamingoes?!

3) Yarn - any color you want to match your fabric!

6) Hot Glue Gun

7) Hem Tape - this stuff works the best!

8) Iron


Step 1:

Lay out your chosen Michael's fabric on a flat surface and lay on top whatever pillow insert you plan to put inside the cover. You'll need one inch of fabric on either side of the pillow for the width, and for the length, you'll fold one side up to halfway across the pillow and the other side will need to overlap the center by at least 5 inches. For example, my pillow insert was 20" by 20", so I cut a piece of fabric that was 22" wide and 45" long.

Step 2:

Make your cuts. Cut the appropriate width and length for your size pillow. Use fabric scissors, and don't worry about them being perfectly straight.

Step 3:

Remove the pillow from on top of the fabric and lay out your fabric face up on the floor. Use a hot iron to fold your two short sides back one inch to hem the edges of your fabric. Insert an iron-on hem tape inside the fold and cut to size. Then, take your iron and follow the instructions on your hem tape for how long to hold your iron onto the hem tape. I like to go back and forth over it a few times to make sure the hem stuck.

Step 4:

Place your pillow back on top as a guide, and fold one side to the center again, and the other side should be a few inches over that. Remove the pillow once it's folded over, and then add hem tap to the inside of each edge to seal the pillow. don't forget to hem the top flaps as well on each side. Be sure to go over the hem several times with your iron, flipping the pillow cover over and ironing on each side to really seal the hem tape.

Step 5:

Iron one more time to smooth out your pillow cover, and then once it cools, turn the pillow cover right side out. Make sure to dig out the corners of the pillow with your thumb and pointer finger in a pinch-like motion.

Step 6:

Now that you have a completed envelope-style pillow cover, GENTLY stuff your pillow insert into the cover. Be very gentle with it because you don't want to rip the seams.

Step 7: (Optional)

Add some fun Pom Poms to the ends of the pillow by poking small holes and tying them on, or hot glue them in a fun shape onto the front of your pillow.

I hope this was helpful for you and that you feel ready to make a pillow cover of your own! Michael's has so many amazing fabrics to choose from, so I know you'll be able to create some cute pillow covers! A word of advice, opt for thinner home decor fabrics because they will hold up best with the hem tape! I want to thank Michael's for sponsoring this start to finish project, and I hope you enjoyed this easy diy!

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Use a pinching motion with your thumb geometry dash breeze and index finger to carefully remove the pillow's corners.

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