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#OneRoomChallenge Week 8: The Rosé Hideway REVEAL

Updated: Jun 27, 2020

Hi, my honeys! I can't believe it's ACTUALLY here! I hope you're ready to be transported to a retro Palm Beach hotel, because The Rosé Hideaway guest room reveal is coming in hot! I want to thank the One Room Challenge and Better Homes and Gardens for putting on this event, which has been so fun and rewarding for so many of us home bloggers! It was truly challenging to come up with content every week for y'all and to create all kinds of fun DIY's to. share, but overall, this experience has been incredible! I've met some new design friends, gained a bunch of knowledge, and hopefully, I've inspired you to make the spaces in your home places you love no matter what budget you're working with!

The whole reason we decided to participate in the challenge was to give me something to distract from my ongoing chronic health issues and to inspire people! My design style has changed so much in the last few years, and I really wanted this space in our home to reflect that. It seemed like the only space in our home that was still very rustic, so I wanted to completely transform it (on a budget of course) and bring it into my new style! It's modern, it's boho, it's elegant, and it's a whole lot of fun!

I'd love to remind you of the before of the space! There was absolutely nothing wrong with the room other than the fact that it was very rustic, which was not in line with the rest of our modern boho home!

We then ripped all of the peel and stick wood panels off the wall (that were meant to be permanent I might add)! LOL! Thanks to my husband, he was able to get all of the sticky stuff off the wall in the photo you see below! Some WD-40 and elbow grease really went a long way, but I was honestly terrified that we were going to have to hire someone to come skim coat the walls again--which would have been very costly!

This transformation ended up being QUITE dramatic, and I cannot believe where we started! It really does seem like yesterday that we had all this sticky stuff on the wall, and I was thinking it would never look good again! Boy, does it ever look good now, though!

In this post I'll be revealing all the pretty details of the space with links for you to shop so many of the items in this space. Some are affiliate links, and I do appreciate you shopping my links! I also want to thank my amazing sponsors for this room transformation:

Brooklinen (bed linens)

Without them, this room would not have been possible, and truly, they have all been such an absolute treat to work with! I would highly recommend any of these companies and their products to anyone, and I'm grateful for the opportunity to have worked with such great brands.


And now, without further ado, let 's get to the reveal:

Here's the IKEA dresser hack heard round the world--just kidding, but y'all loved this dresser so much, so thank you! It was a fun project, and the outcome exceeded my expectations! If you haven't seen my YOUTUBE tutorial of it yet, check it out HERE!

Since we didn't install a ceiling fan, I knew I wanted to find a floor fan for when guests stay with us! I wanted it to be as fashionable as it was functional, and this Vornado retro floor fan did not disappoint! It looks like a vintage car, and I am loving it in the space!

I highly recommend splurging on some great lighting for your space like this Hudson Valley Lighting Aragon Table Lamp! It's definitely a statement piece in the room and comes with a dimmer for some great mood lighting! It's also solid alabaster, and the stone has just the most beautiful texture in person! I also love decorating rooms with books, and I always look for books with great, colorful covers!

This is the other side of the room which has no less impact than the dresser wall! We splurged on the bed, but everything else was quite affordable! I also couldn't help myself and had to throw a disco ball into the shot for a little sparkle! I love how the rose gold rug pulls more neutral in this space, and it reminds me of sand! The tropical burnout curtains are also so cool for the space and add some texture without taking away from the wall color.

This little corner is the cutest, because I wanted to have a place where guests could hang their coats, purse, or an outfit for the next day! The nightstands were an easy dupe of some $400 nightstands with the addition of some cute gold knobs from Rejuvenation and some white medallions from Elena Millwork on some basic nightstands from Amazon! Check out the blog post on the nightstands HERE for all the details.

It just so happened that I had a couple cute dresses I could style in the space, and I just simply love this view of the room!

These adorable shell hooks are so affordable! I want to put them in every room in my home now! If you want them to hold any weight, though, I'd recommend adding some wall anchors behind the screws!

This vignette gets me every time! I love the faux trim I put on the nightstands using textured wallpaper my friend Drew from Lone Fox featured on his Youtube Channel! I also love adding a palm fan almost like artwork behind the decorations on the nightstand.

This IKEA bed tray hack was such a fun project to do! It's so simple, but I feel it adds so much to the space! I mean, who doesn't love breakfast in bed?! I also scored this adorable shell pillow from Shop Hesby, and it's the perfect addition to the tropical vibe in the room!

I could not believe how easy it was to install the Luxe Architectural wood wall trim panels! They came in a kit and were truly peel and stick! We just caulked around the edges to make them more permanent in the space! They're renter friendly if you don't caulk! I also made a cute floral arrangement with all Afloral supplies, and I have a cute video HERE of me making it!

I couldn't believe how perfect this sleep mask was for the space, and since the room gets a lot of morning sun, I figured it'd be a great little item for guests to use! For decoration, I also had a cute little key made with "The Rosé Hideaway" stamped into it! It's all in the little details, my friends!

OVER THE DOOR MIRROR | CEILING MEDALLION Another feature I wanted to add for guests and basically a requirement for any self-respecting hotel room is a full length mirror! We didn't have the floor space in this tiny room, but this over-the-door-mirror from Target worked perfectly! The best part is I can use its reflection to take some cute photos of the room! We also added a ceiling medallion to the globe sconce for a little extra elegance! We ending up using a two-piece medallion split in half, and we just caulked the crack to make it look like one solid piece. This is an easy way to install a medallion over an existing fixture without having to take it down!


We've come to the end of the room reveal, and I truly hope you're feeling inspired and love how the space came out! I'm so glad we decided to tackle this project even in the midst of the quarantine and my health issues, because it was such a great distraction! Now, it's a beautiful, cheerful space we can enjoy and our guests can feel like they're on vacation! We plan to tackle other projects and rooms in our home soon, and I'll hope you'll follow along!

Make sure to check out my YOUTUBE reveal video with a full room tour, and head to my INSTAGRAM to let me know your thoughts on the space! I'd like to say thank you to Better Homes and Gardens and the fine folks behind the One Room Challenge for putting on this incredible virtual design event! It's been so much fun, and I'm so grateful for the experience! Until next time, BIG HUGS! -e



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