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#OneRoomChallenge Week 4: Chic Nightstand Dupe!

Hi, my honeys! It's week four of the #OneRoomChallenge on Instagram, and I'm back with a killer dupe/DIY project for our Rosé Hideaway guest room space! I want to thank the organizers of the challenge as well as Better Homes and Gardens for being on board for this fun virtual event! It's really given me a chance to push my creativity to new heights, and I'm so grateful for that!

Now, about those nightstands...I found some boujee nightstands online that I wanted but the price tag was over $400 each with tax and shipping, and well, your girl is not on that budget level! I loved it so much, though, and came up with a plan to dupe the nightstand for less than $100 each! Keep reading if you want to see how I created a high-end looking nightstand with basic supplies!

Here is the nightstand I fell in love with, which is TOV Furniture brand (the same company who makes my bed frame that I splurged on for the space). Since I did spend a bit on the bed, I knew I would need to save a ton on the rest of the furniture in the space, so a $400+ nightstand was not in the cards for me, although it is quite beautiful!

I found a similar shaped pair of nightstands on Amazon for only $75 total--yes, TWO of them for $75. They are sold out at the moment, but I will let you know if and when they come back! You can use any similar nightstands you want, though! The only difference with my Amazon nightstands were the legs were a gold hairpin style, but I decided that I actually like the hairpin look anyway! The only caveat was having to put them together, but my husband said the instructions were very straightforward, and all the hardware was in the box. I couldn't believe the price because nightstands just seem to be so expensive, but I was so excited to find these in just the right shape!

Once I found the nightstands, I set out to find dupes for the embellishments! I figured I could find similar knobs, wall medallions to affix to the nightstands, and some type of trim for the outside edges. I was able to track down smaller but nearly identical knobs to the original nightstand! These Patton knobs from Rejuvenation are so stunning in person, and they add that doorknob style touch to drawers with the matching backplates! They were a bit pricier, so I waited for a sale and got them for $16 each with free shipping!

Then, I found wall medallions small enough to fit on the fronts of the drawers made by Ekena Millwork! They are 6 1/4" round which left me a half inch above and below on the drawer. I thought these looked incredibly similar to the original nightstand embellishments, and they were only around $5 each! I thought I would have to use wood glue to attach these to the drawer fronts, but they held in place quite nicely with the knobs.

To install the knobs and medallions. We found the center point of the drawer fronts and drilled a hole using our 1/8'' drill bit, barely wide enough to fit our machine screw. We ended up needing to snag some cheap 2 inch long machine screws to accommodate the thickness of the medallion and drawer front. We then drilled the same size hole into the center of the medallions. Then we put the machine screw in from the back and attached the medallion first, then the backplate, then the knob until it was tight. The knob is tight enough to hold the medallion in place without needing any wood glue to attach it.

Then, I added a faux trim around the edges of the nightstand to match the vibe of the original pricier nightstand! I couldn't find any real ornate trim narrow enough, so I decided to use textured wallpaper with a raised ornate pattern! I got this idea from my friend Drew from Lone Fox and his IKEA dresser makeover video on his Youtube channel! The only tricky part was figuring out what patterns I wanted to cut out and making sure to make both of the nightstands look the same. I glued them on with some simple Mod Podge I had lying around.

Speaking of wallpaper, y'all know I just had to add a fun pop of bold print inside the nightstand drawers! I grabbed this adorable banana leaf removable wallpaper from Amazon, and I cut it to width and laid it down inside the drawers, trimming any overlapping edges. How fun is this print, and truly, I think it's a great way to add a bold pattern or color to a space without it showing all the time! It'll be a little surprise for our guests when they open the nightstand drawers!

And with that, my $90 nightstands were completed! Here's how the cost breaks down:

  • Nightstands: $75 for two

  • Rejuvenation knobs: $64 for four

  • Ekena Millwork medallions: $20 for four

  • Embossed Wallpaper: $31 for one roll

  • Banana Leaf Wallpaper: $27 for one roll

That comes out to about $108.50 per nightstand. I know I said $90 nightstand, but my thought is you could line the drawers with any wallpaper you have lying around or leftover from another project, so deducting that cost prices out at around $95! Close enough, right? Regardless, these are WAY cheaper than the TOV Furniture ones at $400+ each!

And here's the finished project! I am so so excited with how they came out!


I truly hope you've enjoyed this week's post and diy project! I also hope y'all are loving all of my #OneRoomChallenge posts! Make sure to follow me on Instagram for more fun, and come back here next Thursday for the reveal of my gallery wall in the space! Thanks for reading, and take care! -e

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May 28, 2020

Thank you so so much!!!!


Ok, this is looking AMAZING!!!! I can't believe that nightstand dupe! I love them. And the coral on the walls behind with the white in front and the banana leaf?! I'm dying!!!!!

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