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#OneRoomChallenge Week 7: Art Deco IKEA Dresser Hack

Updated: Jun 18, 2020

Hi, my honeys! Boy, am I EXCITED for Week 7 of the One Room Challenge with Better Homes and Gardens! Y'all, when I tell you this DIY is my favorite of all time, I really mean it! I hacked the IKEA Hemnes Dresser for The Rosé Hideway guest room space, and it turned out epic! I was going for Art Deco, retro glam, with lots of texture! We knew it would have to be a simple project because I am not the handiest person and neither is my husband, so cutting with saws and all that ain't for us! This project is so easy, literally a kid can do it! If you wanna know how it turned out and how to recreate it for yourself, keep on reading this post! Also, check out my Youtube video for the full tutorial!




1) Start by assembling the frame of the dresser, and then paint it the color of your choosing. I decided to paint my dresser the same color (Wing it by Clare Paint) as the wall color because it's a small room, and I wanted the dresser to almost blend in with the wall, giving the illusion of more space in the room.

2) Paint all the drawer fronts as well, but don't assemble the drawers quite yet.

3) Paint all of your foam dowels with your foam roller. This is tedious, but it's easy! Just pop a squat on your driveway or in your yard with some music, and zen out with your paint roller!

4) While the foam dowels and drawer fronts are drying, apply your removable wallpaper onto the cardboard drawer bottoms. It's way easier to trim the wallpaper to size when you apply it before assembling the drawers.

5) Bring in your drawer fronts and dowels, and start cutting your dowels to the height of each of the drawers. Note that there are three different drawer sizes on this dresser so make sure you're cutting to the right height. As you're cutting them, lay them out on the drawer fronts vertically so you know you have enough for each drawer.

6) Use your hot glue gun to start applying all of the foam dowel pieces onto the drawer fronts. We did one drawer front at a time and then assembled the drawer and put it into the frame. Repeat this process of hot glueing your pre-cut foam pieces onto the drawer fronts, until all the drawer fronts are covered and assembled!

7) Drill a hole through the original hole of the drawer fronts where the hardware goes to push through the foam. Then, add your hardware on with longer screws to accommodate the depth of the foam.

8) Touch up any of the foam or dresser with paint as needed!


Are you ready to see how the dresser turned out?...


I hope y'all love this IKEA dresser hack as much as we do! It was so fun to see this plain dresser come to life! Make sure to check out this week's One Room Challenge Instagram post as well as my Youtube video with the full tutorial on creating this dresser! And stay tuned for next week because I will be revealing the ENTIRE SPACE to y'all for the final week of the challenge! You will not believe how amazing this room turned out! Thanks for reading, and I'll see ya next week! Don't forget to subscribe to my Youtube Channel and this blog!

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Hi, where did you purchase the primer? And how many coats of paint did you use? How much paint did you have left over from the gallon of paint? Thanks! I can’t wait to try this out!!


Aug 08, 2020

I applied an enamel based primer first no sanding


Were you able to just apply the paint directly to dresser? Or did you sand and prime?


Jun 22, 2020

Aww thank you so much


Oh my goodness! This absolutely blew me away. One of these days, I am going to hack one of the many Hemnes dressers we have in the house with this. Great job!

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