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#OneRoomChallenge Week 3: Splurge vs. Save

Hi, my honeys! It's Week 3 of the One Room Challenge, and this week I'm revealing what I splurged on in The Rosé Hideaway and where I saved money! Knowing where to spend your money in a space for the greatest impact is definitely a challenge, but I'll outline what was important to me to have in our guest room and what items I knew would look good in the space without breaking the bank. I want to thank the organizers of the One Room Challenge and Better Homes and Gardens for being the main sponsor of this creative event! Don't forget to check out my Instagram post for the week--you'll get another sneak peek of the space! Keep reading to get the scoop on my high ticket items and inexpensive items in the space.



There's just something about fresh, super soft sheets that just gets me all excited! I wanted extreme softness and true, crisp white bedding just like hotels to go with my Palm Beach hotel suite vibe. I partnered with Brooklinen on their Luxe Hardcore Bedding bundle which included a fitted sheet, top sheet, 4 standard pillow cases, and a duvet cover with button closure and internal ties. This bedding bundle did not disappoint! The softness is unreal, and the sheets come clean white every wash!

Once I decided on my theme for the guest room, I knew I wanted some type of channel bed in velvet. I actually saw one on Urban Outfitters, but I wanted something white or ivory that would add light to the room since this would be the largest furniture piece in the space. I found the TOV Furniture Angela Bed in Ivory, and it was love at first sight! I paid around $800 for it on sale, which almost totaled the amount I got selling my previous bed and dresser. Quite a splurge for me, personally, but I felt that since the room is small and the bed is a big focal point, it had to be special! I love this bed so so much! It's truly a statement piece in the space, and it is also very sturdy and comfortable! I also love that it's lower to the ground, which gives the illusion of more space in our tiny guest room! If you have low ceilings or limited space, I highly recommend using low furniture.

Table Lamp ($632): Another place to either save or splurge is lighting! I knew that I wanted at least one statement lighting piece in our space. Lighting is great way to bring drama into a room. However, with our ceilings being only 8 feet high, I felt it best to keep the ceiling light and wall sconces simple. I thought adding a posh table lamp would bring the drama I needed on the dresser wall! I partnered with Hudson Valley Lighting on this splurge, and boy, is it the fanciest, prettiest table lamp I've ever owned! Their Aragon Lamp is has a gold architectural base with a solid alabaster shade. It's boujee and fabulous, and it will be a true standout piece in the space! I will be placing it on my dresser, which you will see soon!

Rug ($299): I suppose to some people my Kavi Diamond Rose Gold Ruggable rug might be a splurge, but I feel like it counts as both a splurge and a save. Sure, there is a little bit of a cost upfront, but once you have the rug pad, you can swap out the covers for a cheaper price if you get sick of the design or you want to change the room up! I have been a Ruggable partner for awhile now, so it was a no brainer to incorporate a fabulous washable Ruggable rug into this space, and I love how this one pulls neutral in my very pink space--so grateful they sent it to me! I got the 6x9 size for our guest room space.

If you read last week's post, you know I partnered with Luxe Architectural on their peel and stick wall trim panels! It's definitely a splurge, but for the amount of time, labor, mess, and hassle it saves you it's so worth it! There are different trim panel sets to choose from, and you can even add trim work to a flat door. I cannot recommend this product enough!

I was gifted this amazing splurge from Vornado! Wait until you see just how perfect this retro style floor fan is in the space! I wanted a floor fan because I really wanted a fun chandelier for the ceiling light, but my guests will still be able to keep cool with this amazing fan! The air flow is amazing, too, with multiple settings!

In next week's blog post, you'll get to see my nightstand dupe tutorial where I attempt to copy the design of a $450 nightstand for only $90! Shockingly, one of the most expensive pieces on my nightstand dupe was the knobs! They were so perfect for the nightstands, especially in comparison to the $450 version, so I had to spend the extra dough here! No regrets!

I have worked with Clare paint for over a year and half now, and they are so amazing! The paint itself is such quality paint, but when you add in the bonus of it being delivered straight to your door and zero VOC, it's incredible! The colors they have are handpicked by an interior designer, and they have a wonderful mission of putting healthier paint in people's homes. We were gifted the paint for this space, and I'm so grateful!

Wait until you see my gallery wall opposite the bed in The Rosé Hideway! I am so obsessed with how it turned out, but I knew I needed one little extra piece for the wall. I love mixing in different wall hangings with framed art, and I thought it would be cool to add a tropical neon sign! I found HeyLightsCo and they so generously offered to send me their monstera neon in white for my space! Spoiler alert: it's fabulous, and it comes with a dimmer and clear cord! It's also an LED light, so it's not as fragile as a regular neon light but just as bright!


I knew I would be going cheap on the dresser since I spent so much on the bed frame, but I got especially lucky in this instance because IKEA was having a sale on the Hemnes dresser at the time I purchased it! It's normally $249, and I got it for $199. The only caveat is we had to meet my parents in a random town in Indiana halfway between our homes to get it because my dad actually got it for me from their local IKEA! We did end up having a nice little socially distanced hangout sash though, so that was lovely! Wait until you see the hack I have planned for this dresser--it's probably the best DIY I've ever done!

My husband is very proud of himself for picking out these curtains! I wanted something that had a nod to the tropical style of the room without being a giant splash of pink and green! We went with these very affordable tropical leaf sheer burnout curtains in white! Ugh, just wait until you see them in the room!

The jury is still out on whether or not these knobs will work on my IKEA dresser, but I wanted to share them because the price was so good! You get two of them for $4.99, and that to me is just a dang steal! I'm hoping these will be pretty low profile but still glamorous on the dresser, because I don't want to take anything away from the cool hack I did to it, which you'll see soon!

I grabbed this simple bed tray with the intention of giving it a little makeover, and wow! The final product looks so good, which I'll be showing you in the coming weeks! This is a great bed tray to make your own because it's very simple, and you can do a lot with it! Plus, the price is right!

I was gifted this adorable globe light from Poly and Bark, and I love it so much! It's special enough to add a fun vibe to the room, but it's not overpowering the space! Fun fact: my husband actually put this light fixture up himself--his first one ever! Thank you quarantine for forcing my husband to learn a new skill lol!

These wall hooks from Urban Outfitters were just too cute to pass up! I knew I wanted some hooks on the wall in the space because my parents always need to hang some things when they're in town. They're perfect for bags, purses, or even hanging up a shirt to or dress to wear later. The brass tone is gorgeous, and for only $12 each, the quality is impeccable! These aren't cheap plastic ones, they're solid metal and very sturdy on the wall!


Thank you all so much for coming back to read this post! If you missed my first two posts from the last two weeks of the One Room Challenge, go check them out! Next week, I'll be sharing my $450 nightstand dupe, which cost me only $90. I am loving your feedback so far, and I hope you're really digging the space! I cannot wait to show y'all more, but for now, thanks so much for being here! See y'all next week!

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