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#OneRoomChallenge Week 2: Paint Selection and Peel-and-Stick Trim

Hi, my honeys! It's week 2 of the #OneRoomChallenge on Instagram and here on my blog, and it's my favorite part of any project: painting the walls a new color! Okay, in fairness, it's my least favorite part of the work involved in creating a space, but I have my helpful husband to do the painting for me--lucky me! I want to thank the organizers of the #OneRoomChallange and the amazing sponsor Better Homes and Gardens! This is such a fun way to engage with our home decor obsessed friends!

This week, I have partnered up with one of my favorite companies Clare Paint on some fresh, new wall colors for The Rosé Hideaway guest room space! I have been working with them on projects since early last year, and what I love about their company is not only the amazing, interior designer quality colors but also the fact that their paint and supplies get delivered right to your door! Gone are the days of standing in the paint aisle of your local hardware store mulling over 8 trillion colors on teeny, tiny swatches. Then, you finally decide on one, have to sit at the paint counter forever to get your paint, and lug it all to your car--hard pass!

Clare Paint has a fabulous website where you can peruse their amazing colors from the comfort of your own home or in my case bed! LOL! They offer giant square peel and stick swatches for a couple bucks if you are feeling indecisive about a couple colors, or you can order your primer, paint, and all the supplies you need directly from their site.

Of course, my indecisive self could not choose between two colors for my accent wall, so I decided to have swatches mailed to me! The swatches I chose were Wing It, Rosé Season, and Pop! They are all such beautiful shades, but ultimately I decided go with Wing It for three of the walls in the room, and Rosé Season as my accent wall because I felt it was a color that would blend in well with the rest of our home! Also, I felt like it paired so nicely with Wing It. It was so much easier to make this decision with Clare's giant square wall swatches!

Once I decided on the colors, I used their paint calculator to determine how many gallons we'd need, and then I had them shipped straight to our door! As soon as we opened the cans, I knew I had chosen well! These colors are so vibrant and fun, but they still have an inexplicable elegance to them! I would also like to mention that Clare's paints are zero VOC, "which means they’re formulated without the toxic carbon-based solvents found in other paints. VOCs are emitted as gasses and can pollute the environment and the air inside your home, posing health risks," as stated on their website! Let me tell you, you notice the difference, too, because you won't hardly smell the paint as it's going up!

We did have one MAJOR challenge to face before the paint went up on the walls, and that was removing the old wood planks from the walls which had 3M type adhesive backing in strips on each of them. These planks were supposed to be permanent, but I had to go and change my style completely! I don't recommend ripping these planks off the wall, lol, but we did and dealt with the consequences. Those consequences were bits of 3M and pieces of wood totally stuck to the wall. It took us a couple weeks for a little while a day using WD-40 and quite frankly elbow grease to finally remove everything from the back wall. I thought we'd never see the day that our wall would be smooth and ready for paint again, but alas, we did it and we didn't have to have a professional come skimcoat the drywall saving us money! Here's what the wall looked like before we got everything off of it--a nightmare I know!

There were only a few spots on the wall where we needed to patch because the 3M tape had damaged the drywall, but fortunately nothing major!

Once the walls were clean we added one coat of Clare's primer before the first coat of paint. We ended up needing only two coats of paint on top of the primer.


Rosé Hideaway Paint Reveal:

Here's my Rosé Season Accent Wall:

We painted the rest of the room with the light, nude blush toned Wing It, which you can see at the end of this post!!

I hope y'all love the tones I chose, and I'm so excited to have the walls all set for our new space! I want to thank Clare Paint again for sponsoring this portion of our project, and I highly recommend their paint to you! Below are some painting tips from us amateurs:


Painting tips from completely non-handy people:

1) Tape off everything you don't want painted. I find that you can be a little more sloppy with your paint job when everything is taped off nicely! Don't skip this step unless you really want to be sitting there with an edging brush slowly getting the edges of the wall--not for us!

2) Mix your paint with the stir stick really well before pouring. I have totally made the mistake in the past of not mixing my paint well, and two of my walls appeared to be different colors lol! Whoops!

3) Tarp your floors! Clare has plastic tarps, and it just makes for an easy cleanup! Your tarp can basically become your garbage bag when you're all done!

4) Pour a little paint in your tray at a time. You don't want to pour more than you need, especially when you have another coat to go. The top layer of paint could coagulate and end up leaving chunks on your wall--gross!

5) Save your back by using pole extenders! This is the best invention of all time and allows you to reach further up the wall without getting on a ladder.

6) Roll your paint on the walls in W shaped patterns for best coverage. I saw this tip once on an HGTV show, and it has never failed us! LOL!

7) Always use a primer before painting! Even if you think the color you got will easily cover what's currently on the wall, the primer is an important step to prep the wall for paint and will help you start out with a smooth canvas.

8) Allow each coat of paint to COMPLETELY dry before putting another coat on. I know it can be annoying having to wait for a coat of paint to dry on the wall, but find another project to do during this time. You really don't want to start rolling wet paint onto a slightly damp coat because it will take some of the first coat off the wall and look splotchy.

Painting ideas:

Here are a few creative painting ideas to spice up your space!

1) Paint three walls all one color and create an accent wall that features a pop of color!

2) Tape off a portion of the wall horizontally with a level and create a color-blocking effect with your paint!

3) Create a headboard or backdrop using a string and a pencil to create a circular shape.

4) Use a sponge to create a painted pattern on the wall that almost looks like wallpaper!

5) Paint the ceiling a fun color in your space. I recommend only doing this if you have a smooth ceiling texture.


Peel and Stick Wall Trim:

Another fun part of this week's project is our Luxe Architectural peel-and-stick wall trim kit! Y'all heard me right! Our beautiful wall trim required no mess, no sawing, no nails, and hardly any time! You simply measure out how many panels you want to fit across your wall and vertically, decide on a layout, and order the appropriate kit!

We decided on four panels equally spaced across and three panels vertically. My dad was kind enough to help us with all the math to determine all the measurements so we could space the panels we chose equidistant from each other! Once we knew where the panels were going and our walls had one coat of Clare Paint primer, we peeled off the backing, grabbed our level, and gently lined them up! Once we had the correct level positioning, we pressed firmly on the panels.

Truly, the panels were incredibly easy to put up. It took my husband and I (once again, not very handy) about 30 minutes to put up all 12 panels! After the panels were up, we caulked all of the edges to make sure that the wall panels would be permanent. We had some gapping in places where are walls are not straight, but they were easily resolved with a thin line of caulk. I highly recommend you do this step, because it really makes the panels look more finished and polished. Don't skip the caulking if you want the panels to stay up permanently.

On a personal note, I'd like to say that Esther, the owner of Luxe Architectural, is incredible! Y'all know I support lady bosses, and truly, she is one! All of her trim kits come with helpful instructions, and she is always happy to answer any installation questions or design questions! Her panels can also be used on old doors, too! I just love the concept of her business, and she's truly a delightful business owner who really cares about your satisfaction with her products! I highly recommend these trim kits for any space!

Thank you all so much for coming back this week! Make sure to head over to my Instagram, too, because I'm doing a fun giveaway with Clare paint in honor of today's reveal! Also, I can't wait to show y'all next week's part of the makeover! I am duping a $450 nightstand for only $90 and showing you how! You are not gonna want to miss this one, so make sure you're subscribed to my blog and following me on Instagram!

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Love the that is incredible “peel and stick” can it get any easier. Great job.🙂


This turned out so flipping cute! I love that color. I want to find a place to put it in my own house! :)


May 14, 2020

Thank you hun


May 14, 2020

I am so in love with all of this! I hadn't ever heard of the moulding. Sooo cool!

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