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#OneRoomChallenge Week 1: Room Selection, Before Pics, and Design Plans!

Hi, my honeys! If you follow me on Instagram @peonyandhoney, you may be aware that I am taking part in the wonderful #oneroomchallenge project as a guest participant! This is an opportunity for home bloggers, DIYers, and just regular people to tackle a room in their home and share the renovation with the world. When I decided to sign up for this project, I figured it would be a great distraction as decorating a space always is as I navigate my complex health challenges, but little did I know that the entire world would need a distraction, too!

I will be doing all the planning, designing, and decorating, and my husband will be helping me with the physical labor of this project--thanks hubs! I hope you'll follow along with me as we tackle remodeling our guest room into a chic, Palm Beach hotel style space we're calling The Rosé Hideaway thanks to your votes on a recent poll in my Instagram stories! Keep reading to see my design plans for this bright, bold space! I also want to thank the organizers of the #OneRoomChallenge and Better Homes and Gardens for putting together such a fabulous virtual event for us home-obsessed creatives!

Before I show y'all my big ideas for the space, let's take a journey down memory lane and reveal some before photos! When we bought our home back in 2015, we thought the room looked spacious, but we were fooled by a full size bed and smaller scale furniture! It's probably the oldest home staging trick in the book, and we fell for it! The room seemed much larger before, but I hated the butter yellow wall color! Here's a photo from the listing when we bought our home:

When we moved in, I had a weird phase of painting the room blue and literally making it look like Frozen haha, but we won't even go there! Let's just show you the most recent rendition of the room before the makeover! I want to note that there was nothing wrong with this room. My style just changed from farmhouse vibes to now what I'm calling Glamhemian Century Modern! In order to make the space fit with the rest of our home's vibe, I knew a makeover was in order! I did really love the cozy rustic feel of the space for awhile! Check it out:

As much as I loved this space, it was time to spice things up in a big way! COLOR HAS ENTERED THE CHAT, honey! My bold and beautiful room design is below, and I really got inspired with this space! I wanted a retro, Palm Beach hotel vibe, and I started to put the pieces together to make that happen! Check out my design plan below!


The Rosé Hideway Design Plan:

Renovating any space in your home is always made easier with a design plan! This doesn't have to be the most elaborate or formal plan, but it's important to outline key design ideas and statement pieces and must-haves for your space. I always end up changing things in the end, but I love being able to start with an idea of what the space will look like and build it out from there in real life! Here are some of my tips for designing a room from scratch:

1) Figure out your design style! It really helps to know what your home decor aesthetic is before you start creating a design plan. If you are unsure of exactly what your style is, that's totally ok! I suggest you head on over to Pinterest and start pinning things you like. Once you've pinned some things, see if you notice a recurring theme or style of decor. Whether is modern farmhouse, bohemian, eclectic, mid century modern, rustic, or something else, try to hone in on exactly what style room you'd like to create.

2) Pick a theme or statement piece! When you begin to design your space, start with either a theme or a statement piece to serve as a guiding point in designing the space. This can be a unique rug, a piece of artwork, a paint color, or in my cast for our Rosé Hideaway, the bed started it all!

I saw a similar bed on Urban Outfitters website, and I knew that was 100% the style bed I wanted for the space. I looked online for a neutral color since I knew I wanted the wall colors to be bright and colorful in the space, and I ended up finding my Queen Sized TOV Furniture Angela Bed in Ivory. I loved the bed so much, and it reminded me of a chic hotel, which then solidified my hotel theme for the space!

3) Decide on paint colors for the space! If your statement pieces are extremely colorful, maybe you go more neutral on the paint. If your statement pieces are more neutral, maybe add a pop of color to your space! My rule on paint is, go for the unexpected! Also, I've partnered with Clare paint on this project, and I already knew I wanted to use some of their interior designer picked shades for the space!

The one that really stood out to me from the beginning was this color Rosé Season, which ended up being part of my inspiration for the space! What I love about Clare, is it's all online, so you order your paint and all the supplies on their website, and they ship it all to your door--no lugging paint cans through a hardware store! Also, they have these wonderful large square, removable sticker swatches for a few bucks on their site, so you can order those first and decide on a color later. The giant swatches are so much better than the tiny ones at paint stores!

4) Create your design plan! Once you've completed the first three steps, it's time to start creating your mood board or design plan! An app I love to use to create mine is Pic Collage! It's free to download in the App Store, and its very helpful in pulling your images together to create a room layout! Add a photo of your paint swatch as the background image for your mood board, and you're off to the races. You can also add any wallpaper or wall treatments to your mood board that you plan on adding to your room. For example, I am partnering with Luxe Architectural on peel-and-stick wall trim kits for the back wall of The Rosé Hideway, so I made sure to put these into my design plan!

5) Add different elements into the space! Save images of rugs, furniture pieces, lighting, and decorative objects and add them to your mood board where you want them in the room. You can remove all the excess white or border around your furniture and decor pieces by double clicking on the image once you've added it to your mood board and selecting the cutout option. Draw a line around the object, closely following its lines, and it will cut out the excess so you just have your furniture piece to place on your design plan.

6) Stick to your style, budget, and theme! When looking for furniture and decor pieces to add into your design plan, take into account your design style, your statement piece or theme, your budget, and your room's layout or size restrictions. Mood boards can be so beautiful to look at and aspirational, but you always want to make sure you're being realistic about what you'd actually be able to incorporate in the space. Only include pieces to your design plan you either plan on buying or you know you can DIY for a cheaper price.

7) Save your design plan! When you've achieved a good layout and a good start to your design plan with the basic furniture and decorative elements, save your mood board to your phone and refer back to it when making different decisions for the space. You can always add elements later, but I think it's more fun to have a very simple design plan and bring it to life with the little decorative objects.


Now that I have my design plan, we will start tackling the room! Subscribe to my blog and follow me on Instagram as I take you through the entire process of creating this space! Next week I'll be revealing the wall paint and wall trim project and offering up some painting tips for amateurs! Hope to see y'all back here next week! And of course, feel free to email me with any questions you might have! And don't forget to check out the other participants in the challenge--take a look by clicking HERE!

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Girlllll! This space is going to be SO dreamy!!! I CAN'T WAIT to see :-)


Oh I am definitely digging this pop of color lady! Can’t wait to see it come together!


Erika I am so excited for all the colour you’re going with in here!!! Gives me strength because I am also going for major colour to a formerly neutral space!

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