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It's Spring Cocktail Recipes with Samsung Home Appliances, Honey!

Hi, my honeys! I'm here today to share my love of a good beverage with y'all! The weather is warming up, we're all mostly still hanging at home, and we all could use a drink! Of course, my recipes are all mocktails as I no longer drink alcohol, but you can add your favorite liquor or spirits to any of these recipes for that added kick! Today's post is sponsored by Samsung Home Appliances, and let me tell you my Family Hub Fridge makes staying at home and whipped up cocktails easy!

For starters, our Family Hub Fridge keeps track of all of our expiration dates, so we know when our fresh produce is close to expiring and needs to be used! We've also been able to reduce trips to the grocery store because we can see inside our refrigerator with its built-in camera! I just open up the coordinating app and tap see inside, so when we're out at the store we know what we have and what we need! No more running back to the store for forgotten items!

Another great feature to this refrigerator is multiple apps to find great recipes! You can even get recipes for meals you can make with the remaining items in your fridge--genius! Finally, it seems simple, but we absolutely love having a water and ice dispenser that offers cubed and crushed ice at the ready! We're saving the environment and money by drinking the fresh, filtered water from our fridge instead of buying bottled water! We've had our Tuscan Stainless Steel Samsung Family Hub Refrigerator for about 7 months now, and we absolutely love it! I love when companies integrate technology with common appliances to make life easier, and Samsung always delivers on that!

Now, let's talk drinks, baby! Fun fact: I used to be a bartender, so believe it or not, I actually know what I'm doing in the mixology department! My husband has been missing his local watering holes, so I figured it would be a fun time to try out some new recipes to serve to him! I mean, I'm the hottest bartender he knows, lol I hope! I wanted to create some drinks that are refreshing but also a bit elevated, so we feel like we're getting lounge quality cocktails at home! Don't worry, though, I kept it simple so anyone can make these! Below are three recipes for some tasty Spring beverages!


Blackberry Margarita:

- 3 parts orange juice

- 2 parts lime juice

- 2 full pumps of Monin Blackberry Syrup (sub muddled blackberries and simple syrup)

- salted rim

- fresh basil garnish (store in a Ziploc bag in your Samsung Family Hub Fridge for freshness)

- crushed ice

- for alcoholic version: add a splash of blackberry brandy and shot of tequila

Country French 77:

- 3 parts sparkling grape juice (sub for champagne if you drink alcohol)

- 1 part lemon juice (or juice of one whole lemon)

- 1 full pump Monin Elderflower Syrup (sub St. Germain liqeur if you drink alcohol)

- fresh mint leaves garnish

- shaken with cubed ice and strained

Lavender Lemonade:

- 3 parts organic lemonade (or juice of 5 fresh lemons and 1 tbsp simple syrup)

- 2 pumps Monin Lavender Syrup

- rosemary garnish

- lemon twist garnish

- crushed ice

- for alcoholic version add one shot of vodka or gin

I hope you love these recipes as much as my husband and I do! Nothing beats a little happy hour when you're cooped up at home! I want to thank Samsung Home Appliances for sponsoring this post, and if you're in the market for a new refrigerator, you can't go wrong with the amazing features of the Family Hub Refrigerator! Let me know if you try out any of these recipes!

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