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It's a Styled Shoot for World Market, Honey!

Hi, my honeys! Excuse me while I pee my pants (figuratively) with excitement over this collab! The fine people over at one of my absolute favorite home stores, World Market, reached out to me to do a styled shoot for the brand! They sent me over some amazing items, and I had the unique opportunity to style a space in my home! This is the coolest thing to ever happen to me since starting this blog, so naturally, I am totally excited and honored! Keep reading to find out which space I styled, and check out the results!


Of course, I just had to doll up my new color block arch wall in my upstairs hallway! It is such an awkward narrow wall in the hallway, but it's the focal point from the bottom of our stairs. I had previously made it a plant wall, but I felt it needed an upgrade! I had some

leftover Clare paint in the shade Wing It, so I figured it would be a great place to add a color block arch wall that I'd seen my Insta friends like @sweetbungalo and @helloimaubs do in their homes! You can find their color block wall tutorials on their respective Instagram pages!

Once the arch was painted, it was then time to add some shelving and hooks! I opted for a cheap shelf and hooks I had lying around from a previous project, and gave the hardware a nice gold finish with my favorite shiny, yellow gold Rustoleum 2X Metallic Gold spray paint.

Now comes the fun part: styling the arch wall with some World Market favorites! Let me tell you, it was incredibly hard to choose which pieces to add to this space because I love everything on their website! After much deliberation and bothering my friends and husband for their opinions, I compiled a list of all the items I wanted for the space and sent them over to World Market for ordering! This makeover came out to just under $250, and all of these pieces are great staples for any home!

Here's what I picked out with links:

I chose these giant faux pampas grass stems because I wanted to add a natural element at floor height without my cats eating them! These are so beautiful in person, fluffy as all get-out, and very large! I actually bent the stems to fit them inside a straw floor vase I had. If you want the pampas grass look without all the shedding, these are for you! The price is very affordable at only $24.99 each!

I needed a new handbag for Spring anyway, but I figured I could keep it on these hooks in the hallway so I never forget where my purse is--happens a lot in my household! LOL! This dusty pink genuine suede crossbody handbag is as adorable as it is practical! I love the ring detail as well, and it's priced very reasonably at $39.99!

I knew I wanted to hang something on the wall above the shelf, but instead of art I opted for a cute straw hat! I put a simple nail in the wall and hung this adorable hat from it! I love that hats are dual purpose as clothing and decor! I love a good hat wall, and this one hangs quite nicely and looks cute on too! The price on this adorable hat is $29.99!

This might be my favorite piece of the whole lot! I saw this gorgeous tassel blanket on World Market's website, and was like "yeah, that's gotta be somewhere in my home!" I'm so happy to be able to use it for this styling project because it had so much texture to it that it really adds a cozy feeling to the vignette! This is a nice light throw for the warmer seasons, and I also think it would make a great patio throw as well! There's a cool toned version of this throw on their website as well, so if you're more into the blue/green look, check that out! This throw is priced at a modest $39.99!

I had been eyeing this planter for months, I swear, never pulling the trigger! Well, I'm here to tell you to pull the trigger on this adorable two tone woven twine planter! It is so so cute in person, and it looks like a handmade pottery piece! The speckled pattern on the planter is to die for, and I love the pale peach tone of the top! At only $17.99, it's a great price and a perfect planter for my cute little Hoya plant!

I actually already had this piece in my home, but I figured it would be worth sharing! I love decorating with crystals, and amethyst is a great one because it's set to have soothing properties. I mean, it's pretty soothing just looking at it! Haha! You can order this

druzy chunk for $29.99 for a piece between 1 and 2 lbs.

The large version of this adorable floor planter was on my purchase order, but I ended up not being able to use it in the space because your girl doesn't know how to measure and read measurements online! It was a happy accident, though, because I'm going to be able to use it in my patio makeover, which y'all will see soon! I wanted to share it on this blog post, though, because it's really gorgeous in person! The planter itself has a cool, almost stucco texture to it, and the gold base is a beautiful brass color! I highly recommend this piece! The medium size is $44.99 and the large size is $54.99.

Can I get a drumroll please for the finished styled space? I love how it turned out so so much!


I want to sincerely thank World Market for giving me the opportunity to deck out this cute little space in my home, and I want to thank y'all for checking out this post! Head to my Instagram for more photos of the space and a cute little video I made! I hope this shows you that you can add personality to an otherwise boring or awkward wall in your own home!

I love each of the pieces I was gifted, and I know that many of them can work in different rooms in my home! I tried to pick pieces that I felt would get a lot of use! It's no surprise that I am impressed with the quality of these pieces because I have been shopping at World Market for a long time and have never had any issues with quality! Don't forget you can get 10% off your purchase right now on their site when you select Curbside Pickup for your items! Thanks so much for reading, and I'll talk to y'all soon! xo -e

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