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It's a Husband and Wife Approved Mattress, Honey!

Hi, my honeys! I wanted to give it a few weeks before I came on here to tell you all about our new Brentwood Home Crystal Cove Mattress and pillows! After sleeping on the same mattress for over 12 years and waking up everyday with back pain this year, we knew it was time for something new! We received the Crystal Cove mattress about a month ago, and I was SO NERVOUS to order another mattress online because of my husband's very particular taste in mattresses, but this mattress had excellent reviews and seemed to be exactly what we were looking for! We know how expensive some of the those big box retail store mattresses can be and were excited to find a bed-in-a-box option as luxurious as the Crystal Cove Mattress! I reached out to Brentwood Home, and they agreed to partner with me on this mattress! This ended up being such a good decision for us, and I'm happy to report we are sleeping very well these days! If you want to know more about the mattress and what we're loving about it, keep on reading!

First of all, my husband and I found Brentwood Home and immediately knew it was a company we'd like to check out! Brentwood Home's products are all made right here in the USA, in California! We also love their focus on sustainability and their dedication to helping the community. They plant three trees for every mattress sold, and they donate Relief Beds to aid in disaster relief and impoverished areas. That is a brand we can get behind! Then, we found out that they offer non-toxic mattresses, which is really important to me as my health has been challenging this year. If you think about how much time we spend in bed in our lifetime, it makes sense to sleep on an all natural mattres, free of chemical flame retardants!

We selected the Queen Crystal Cove Mattress because of its hybrid features! It's a double sided mattress with precision tuned coils in between! One side is a charcoal memory foam which offers a softer, more plush feeling, and the other side is an all natural latex for firmer support! With two different sides of comfort to choose from, we knew we'd have a better chance at finding the perfect fit for us--we were right!

The mattress arrived very quickly, and it's kind of amazing how small they can shrink these mattresses down to ship! Beware, it is a mattress, so yes, the box is very heavy! My husband was able to mostly lift it himself with me pretending to help, but I would recommend you have two strong men lift it to its location! The best part is cutting open the plastic and watching it expand, but make sure it's in place on the box spring before you do, because it will rapidly expand like one of those bathtub dinosaurs from my childhood! LOL! When we got the mattress all set up, we tested both sides and liked both, but we opted for the firmer latex side as my husband is a bigger guy and prefers more support. We love the beautiful gray quilting on the mattress so much, we almost didn't want to put bedding on! Haha! We also unboxed the matching charcoal foam pillows, a necessary add-on, and boy, were they luxurious!

After sleeping on the mattress one night, we already knew it was a great fit. I slept so well, and shockingly, neither of us woke up sore! Our bodies instantly adjusted to this mattress, and we were totally high-fiving each other about it! Now, it's been over 30 days sleeping on the mattress, and we're both sleeping through the night almost every night, and we wake up without back pain or stiff necks. Do not sleep on the pillows, though,--pun intended--the charcoal memory foam pillows have truly been wonderful as well! They don't flatten in the middle of the night as you sleep on them, and they provide great support without being too firm! The pillows are 20% off right now with code PILLOWS20 at checkout!

The price of Brentwood Home's Crystal Cove mattress ranges from $895 for a Twin to $1895 for a Split King size, with the price of our Queen sitting very fairly priced at $1295! There’s a sale going on right now, too! You can get $175 off your purchase with code LUXURY175 at checkout! They also offer financing with Affirm if that is something you need! I've seen other mattresses with similar features in the market, but not nearly as fairly priced and without the non-toxic and sustainable features as the Crystal Cove Mattress from Brentwood Home.

The moral of the story here is if you're looking for a sustainable, non-toxic, restorative mattress with two different sides to choose from, this mattress is for you! Brentwood Home also has other mattresses and products that have the same principle features as well, so it's worth checking their site out for all the options! I want to sincerely thank Brentwood Home for partnering with me on the Crystal Cove mattress and giving me my good night's sleep back!

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