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It's a Bedroom Dresser DIY Project, Honey!

Hi, my honeys! If you follow me on Instagram @peonyandhoney, you might have seen me post about transforming IKEA dressers a few weeks back. Well, we have acquired said IKEA dressers after our Christmas trip to Chicago, and I couldn't wait to add a little p+h twist to them! We would have loved some fancy new Anthro or Urban Outfitters dressers in our bedroom, but we're ballin' on a major budget these days, and my parents were kind enough to gift us two very affordable IKEA Tarva dressers as a Christmas present. That allowed us to spend a little money on transforming them! Keep reading if you want the full scoop on how my husband and I DIYed some super basic wood dressers into chic, stylish ones! This blog post is sponsored by Pretty Pegs, replacement legs for IKEA furniture.

We all know that IKEA furniture is typically more affordable than other furniture stores, mostly because you have to spend an insane amount of time and effort figuring out how to put the dang things together. However, I will say in fairness to IKEA (#notsponsored) their Tarva dressers were actually very straightforward to put together. It took about an hour each for my husband and I to assemble them; although, he did the heavy lifting on these haha! I actually was able to assemble the drawers and deck them out while in bed, so that's a major win!

We chose these dressers because our "master" bedroom is VERY SMALL. And when I say very small, I mean our room is barely big enough to fit our queen size bed and nightstands, so we had to be crafty about the size and placement of other furniture in the space. I highly recommend you try multiple layouts of your bed in your bedroom to see which way it will fit best, allowing space for other furniture in the room. About a year ago, we flipped our bed to the long inside wall of our bedroom, and because of that, we are now able to fit too of the IKEA Tarva 5 drawer chests in the room. We measured first--highly recommend that as well--and the narrow size and shorter depth of the chest was simply perfect for our space!

Now, all I had to do was come up with a plan to transform them from basic dressers into something that would satisfy my boujee taste! For the record, I actually thought about painting or staining these dressers, but there's something about the rawness of the unfinished wood that I really liked! It adds a rustic warmth to our bedroom, and the light color makes them feel less cumbersome in the space I think. We have mango wood nightstands, but it really doesn't bother me when I mix and match woods together in a space. I'm really trying to stay away from the matchy matchy style and go for a home that feels more eclectic, like my furniture and decor is collected over a long period of time.

After opting not to paint or stain the dressers, I chose to swap out the basic wood knobs for some new glam ones, add some fun legs to the dressers, place some ornate wood overlays on them, and wallpaper the drawers with a fun, surprise print that you only see when they're open! If you're a neutral queen who wants to try some color, this is the way to do it, sis! And when you see the printed removable wallpaper I found, you'll want to put it everywhere!



Tarva Dressers (2) - These 5 drawer IKEA dressers were easy and straightforward to assemble. They come as unfinished pine, which you can stain or paint if you want, but we decided to leave them unfinished for a natural look.

Knobs - I chose these rose quartz crystal knobs because they are natural and whimsical, and I loved how they added some texture to the dresser. I nabbed these off of Amazon for 20% off of $19.99 with a coupon at checkout. They only came in sets of 4, so I ordered 5 sets of 4 which totaled $80--not bad for 20 knobs!

Gold Spray Paint: We did end up spraypainting the silver backing of these gold with my favorite Rustoleum 2X Gold Spray Paint to match the gold backing on the other knobs. If you're looking for a really shiny gold for a project, this is your paint!

Legs - If you haven't heard of Pretty Pegs before, they make legs specifically for IKEA furniture pieces. You just click on the type of furniture piece you want to add new legs too, and they give you all the options of legs they sell for that type of IKEA piece. Make sure to choose the "other furniture" selection when picking out the legs, because they'll send you a complimentary universal corner bracket, which we weren't sure if we'd need or not. Make sure to use my code: prettycasa for 15% off your order! I will not make a commission on this, but it's a just a way for you to save a lil money!

They were kind enough to collaborate with me on some legs for our dressers, so I ended up choosing their Estelle Slim 170's in the ash natural color for both sets of 4 legs for each dresser. I wanted the legs of each dresser to be the same, so they tied into one another. I loved the gold feet on the legs for a little glam factory, and you already know I'm in love with mid century style, so these tapered legs were right up my alley! Pretty Pegs was kind enough to give my Honeys a 15% discount on their site with code: prettycasa at checkout! There are sooo many options for legs, it was hard for us to decide, and they also have knobs too, so definitely check them out! Adding new legs to your IKEA furniture can really transform the piece! The trick to adding these legs to the bottom of the Tarva dressers is to cut the existing wood legs so they're flush with the base of the leg frame. Then, use the universal brackets to attach the legs onto the frame. You will need to chip a little wood off the top corner of the remaining little square of the legs so it doesn't get in the way of the new leg screws.

Wood Trim Pieces: You have the option to put these cuties on the dresser too! I picked them because I loved the raw wood and knew they'd add a bit of flare to the dresser and make it look more vintage! I adhered them with just some standard wood glue. Just make sure you have a level nearby and you measure the center point of the dresser before attaching!

Flamingo Wallpaper - Y'all know I'm partial to WallsNeedLove for all my wallpapering needs, but I was looking for a very specific print this time that I found elsewhere. I'm still shouting out WallsNeedLove, though, because truly they have some of the highest quality, best wallpapers on the market! I wanted FLAMINGOS! I don't know why I have a new obsession with flamingos, but I saw this wallpaper and totally got inspired. I knew I had to use this wallpaper print in my home somewhere, somehow, and the dresser project ended up being a perfect fit.

I love my neutrals more than anything, but sometimes I need a fun, hidden print to make me smile, and this my friends, is it! I was able to cover the outsides and bottoms of all of the drawers for both dressers with two rolls of this removable wallpaper. I think you get about 16 feet by 24' wide for $39. I had a magical 15% off coupon around the holidays from World Market AND a $10 off a purchase Explorer coupon, making the two rolls only $56 total.



Dressers: IKEA Tarva 5 drawer chest $150 for each (two for $300)

Knobs: $16 for a set of four with coupon ($80 for 20)

Legs: $156 for 8 of them with my coupon: prettycasa at checkout

Wallpaper: $56 for two rolls

Wood Trim Pieces: $11.99 for two pieces

Total Cost:

$308 per dresser ($616 total)

If you purchased everything I got for this project, you'd spend $616. The ONE dresser that I wanted from Urban Outfitters, the Amelia dresser, is $699 by itself plus shipping. In my opinion, having two cute dressers for around $300 each is quite a deal! I also always recommend looking on Craigslist to see if anyone has this dresser already assembled and gently used at a lower price, and always look for sales on knobs and wallpaper!

How do you think our dressers turned out? We absolutely love them, and we're so grateful to have the extra storage in our bedroom without breaking the bank! Thank you to my parents for gifting us the dressers for Christmas, and thanks to Pretty Pegs for collaborating with me on this blog post! Truly, their company is so unique, and I just love that you can take a very basic IKEA dresser and transform it with their legs and knobs! Maybe someday, we'll be able to afford the pricier Amelia dressers from Urban Outfitters, but for now, I'm super happy with and grateful for what we have.

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