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Dupe Thursday 1: Get the Look for Less

Hi, my honeys! Today marks the very first #DupeThursday, and I'm so excited to bring you this new benchmark on my platforms! Every Thursday, I will share high-end items and similar more affordable items or "dupes"! My goal with this content is not to devalue the high end items because I do realize you're paying for quality and thoughtful designs, but rather make some of these styles more accessible to people with smaller budgets.

Make sure you're following me on Instagram to have access to all of my home content, and feel free to shoot me an email if there's a high-end item you'd like me to try to find a dupe for--I'd be happy to help!


Here are this week's high-end items and their dupes:

High End:

Price - $1,998

I love the mix of the cane headboard and the velvet side rails of this bed! Aside from the high price tag, I don't love the back of the headboard because you can lay it all the way flush with the wall. For my small bedroom, that just won't work for me! It is a stunning bed, though.


Price - $949

To me, this TOV Furniture bed is a pretty dang good dupe for the Anthro bed at less than half the price! It features a cane headboard that actually lays flush with the wall and blush velvet on the side rails of the bed just like the expensive version!

High End:

Price - $499

This chandelier is absolutely stunning, which is no surprise because it's from CB2! They really know how to create stunning statement pieces.


Price - $259.99

Here's what I think is a great dupe for the CB2 Orion Chandlier, and it's about half the price from Wayfair! I recently saw it on @mariannesides on Instagram, and I knew I had seen a more expensive version on CB2, making it the perfect dupe! I also love that the height of this chandelier is adjustable!

High End:

Price - $499

I have almost purchased this mirror about 1,000 times, but I could never pull the trigger! It's simply stunning, and arches are so in right now! I just couldn't quite convince myself to spend $500 on a more simple mirror. I'd rather save my money to one day buy an Anthro Primrose or Arhaus Amelie mirror instead!


Price - $145.99

Here's a KILLER dupe for the West Elm Arched Mirror, and it is a steal at under $150. I personally own this mirror, and I absolutely love it! It's so chic, is the perfect size as a floor mirror for taking ootd selfies, and the thin frame comes in several colors and looks very modern and minimal--highly recommend!


I really hope you like these, and I can't wait to keep snooping the interwebs to find y'all some more good home dupes! I can't tell you how many times I've wanted to order a high-end item, but I simply couldn't afford it. Finding dupes or similar looking items has allowed me to create a beautiful home on such a small budget, and I am hoping that these weekly finds will help you furnish your own homes and rentals on the cheap! Make sure you come back next Thursday for more dupes on here, my TikTok, or my Instagram!

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Please let me know if you enjoy these space bar clicker, and I will certainly continue my search for more high-quality home dupes on the internet.

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