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Hi, my honeys! Anyone else in their spare time scour the IKEA website for new cute things?--hopefully not just me! LOL! I've rounded up 10 new items that are so chic and modern! They're all so affordable too! Make sure you're following me on Instagram to see all of my IKEA hacks I've been doing recently--they're so fun!

IKEA has really stepped their game up lately with some high end looking furniture pieces including new cabinets, a new bed frame, and a chic bar cart! I also can't get over some of their new storage bins too! The price point is so low and yet they look so sleek and sophisticated in person! No one can argue that IKEA's mirrors aren't amazing, and they've added some new fun shapes to the mix, too!

Check out my new favs! Hope you find something you love below! Tap on the images to shop!

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