By: Erika Ver

Hi, my honeys!  Welcome to Peony + Honey, a lifestyle blog and community!

I'll cover everything from home decor to makeup, fashion, and healthy eats! 

This is a positive space created to inspire, and I hope that it truly does that for you. 

Thanks from the bottom of my heart for being here!


     Originally from Chicago, Erika now resides in the hardworking city of Cleveland, Ohio!  She spent the last nine years working as a radio host for iHeartMedia Cleveland and had to take an indefinite leave from her radio career for health reasons.

     Erika loves working on crafts and diy projects, decorating, and connecting with new people, so she decided to start this blog and Instagram community @peonyandhoney as a way to continue her passion for entertaining people and being creative!

She's married to her best friend, Ian, they have three cats, and she truly cherishes spending time with her friends and family.  Erika also loves , makeup, fashion, and trying out new healthy recipes!  

     For her entire life, she has always expressed a deep passion for entertaining people, and she is so excited to have this  outlet!  Erika vows to always keep it real with you, and she wants you to know how truly thankful she is that you are here. 

    For questions or collaborations, please email Erika at and be sure to join the Instagram family @peonyandhoney!

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