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Why You Need an Omigo Bidet Toilet Seat Yesterday: A Review

Updated: Mar 15, 2021

Hi, my honeys! Let me start off this blog post by saying yes, this is a sponsored post. Omigo did in fact send me their Omigo luxury bidet toilet seat. However, (and it's a big however), I personally feel like I should be paying Omigo for inventing this magical device. LOL! But before I get ahead of myself, let me explain to you what it is, what it does, and why I wanted one in the first place! Join me for some enlightening bathroom talk! LOL!

Years ago, I lived in a house which had a bidet toilet, and I had never used one prior to moving into this place. Imagine my surprise when I realized the absolute delight a bidet is! A heated seat, a sprayer, and a dryer really truly make doing your business so much better! Yes, there's a water spout that literally sprays you where the sun don't shine for extra cleanliness, but let me tell you it's actually a quite pleasant experience! You feel fresher after, with a pep in your step not previously there. You might think I'm joking, and perhaps I'm exaggerating for effect, but I mean it when I say that a bidet is a modern luxury that you simply must experience.

Enter the Omigo luxury bidet toilet seat. An actual bidet toilet could cost you up to thousands of dollars and a bidet attachment to your existing toilet doesn't give you the full experience. However, the Omigo bidet toilet seat gives you the whole enchilada and for a fraction of the price. Their toilet seats will run you between $279 and $551 depending on which model you opt for, all with financing available. If your budget is a bit smaller than that right now, not to worry! They also have bidet attachments, the Element and the Element+ that affix to your existing toilet seat and are priced at $75 and $92 respectively. Let's compare the models and give you more of an idea of what they do:

- Essential bidet attachment to your existing toilet seat for a cleaner bottom

- Essential bidet attachment to your existing toilet seat for a cleaner bottom with warm water

  • Warm rear and front washes

  • Single stainless steel nozzle

  • 5 water pressure settings

  • 5 nozzle positions

  • Strong, Oscillating, and Pulse sprays

  • Self cleaning nozzles

  • Comfy heated seat

  • Skin contact safety sensor

  • Easy-to-read sidearm control panel

  • Soft closing lid and seat

  • Built in LED night light

  • Dual Eco Mode

  • Rear and front wash

  • Endless warm water

  • 3 pressure settings, 4 water temperatures

  • 7 nozzle positions, 3 spray widths

  • Self cleaning system

  • Heated seat, available eco mode

  • Seat contact safety sensor

  • Wireless remote with magnetic dock

  • Soft closing seat and lid

  • Built in LED night light

  • 1 year warranty

  • Separate rear and front washes

  • Endless warm water with 4 settings

  • 3 water pressure settings

  • 7 nozzle positions

  • 3 spray widths

  • Self cleaning nozzle system

  • Heated seat with adjustable temperature

  • Skin contact safety sensor

  • Wireless remote with magnetic dock

  • Soft closing lid and seat

  • Built in LED night light

  • Massaging nozzle oscillation

  • Silver Ion nozzle sterilization

  • Built-in warm air dryer

  • Active carbon filter deodorizer

  • 3-year warranty

I personally got the Omigo for the full luxury experience, and I was not disappointed! The warm air dryer, sterilization feature, and deodorizer alone are worth the extra buck I think! My honest recommendation would either be the SL or the Omigo simply because of the endless warm water feature. It's quite pleasant to have warm water sprayed instantly instead of cool water. All of Omigo's bidet toilet seats come with detailed instructions on how to easily install it yourself. I cannot personally speak to the ease of install, because I had my plumber install it. He did say, though, that it only took him mere minutes to get it all set up!

My Omigo came with a very detailed remote allowing me to change settings like the seat temperature, water temperature, location and water pressure of the sprayer, and more. What I like about the remote is it's quite user friendly kind of like an iPhone where you can just pick it up and start using it right away with little to no learning curve.

My first time using the Omigo was shocking, yet satisfying haha! It will take some slight adjusting with the remote to get the sprayer in the right position, but once you do you'll feel fresh as a daisy! I love the heated dryer that comes with it, too, which makes you ultimately use less toilet paper! When I tell you after the first time I used it, I was excited to have to go to the bathroom again just so I could use it again--no joke! If you're looking to upgrade your bathroom experience, I could definitely see this as being something everyone would enjoy. I give extra points for the heated seat and the lighted bowl at night, too!

Overall, I'd give my Omigo luxury bidet toilet seat a 12/10. It exceeded my expectations, and I already know it will be used and loved often! I think the hard part will be keeping it to myself, because I'm pretty sure my husband will try enjoy it too! Haha! If a bidet is something you've been considering but haven't been able to afford, you will not be disappointed by the Omigo bidet seat models. My only complaint is not getting it sooner, truly! I hope this review is helpful for you, and I hope you all get to experience a shiny hiney soon! LOL!

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Sep 21, 2023



Where does yours plug in at? And how does it have warm water?

Mar 14, 2021
Replying to

So i have an outlet next to the vanity so the cord rubs under my vanity and up the wall to plug in and it connects to your toilet water supply and has a built in heater

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