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It's Valentine's Day Gift Ideas, Honey!

Updated: Jan 24, 2020

Hi, my honeys! I know this is a holiday where not everyone has a significant other, but sometimes it's fun to gift your Galentines a little something, too! I've included some great Valentine's Day gift ideas at a variety of price points that anyone would be excited to receive! You might be able to convince your significant other to get you one of these items! If you need ideas for V-day gifts, keep reading! Click on any of the links or photos to shop!



If you follow me on Instagram @peonyandhoney, you've seen how obsessed I am with this set of pots and pans. I loved them so much that I got rid of all my other random pans and exclusively use these. Caraway is on a mission to get their non-toxic cookware into the homes of as many people as possible, and I love that they cared enough to create cookware that won't release toxic chemicals as it ages and is subjected to lots of heat. They are safe for induction, gas, & electric and oven safe up to 650°F.

They also perform just as well if not better than many non-stick pan options out there. When they say non-stick, they really mean it. These are so very easy to clean because everything just slides right off the pan in the sink. They also thought of everything, and they even come with a lid storage pouch you can mount on the inside of your kitchen cabinet, and a magnetic storage system that keeps them stacked neatly, side by side, in your cabinet or on your countertop. The lids are also nice and heavy enamel with a hole at the top for steam release. This is probably the prettiest, most high quality cookware I've seen! I can't imagine a better Valentine's Day gift that a set of their beautiful pots and pans in one of five different colors.

2) Pampas Grass Pack

$130 for a 9 Stem Pack

Pampas grass stems are so popular right now in home decor! Find a cute tall vase, and add these gorgeous stems for an instant conversation piece! These pink ones from Luxe B are so precious for the holiday, but she has an assortment of other colors too! This would make a great gift for the boho fanatic in your life or the girly girl! You get several different types of pampas in this pack, so they'll look layered and full in a single vase! The usual retail price for these stems individually is $190, so you're getting a $60 savings with this promo pack!

It's no secret I love Ruggable Rugs, especially since they're machine washable and easy to spot clean as well! With three cats, someone is always coughing up a hairball, and instead of having to throw away beautiful rugs, I now just wash them! If you've been debating on getting one of these, why not just bite the bullet and get one!? I promise they're worth your money because you'll have these a heck of a lot longer than a regular rug because you can keep them clean! Also, once you have the pad and rug cover set, you can just replace the rug covers for $250 for an 8 x 10! My coupon code with them should be reactivated soon, but for now you can use RUGGABLE15 for 15% off these bad boys! Let's face it, this is really a gift for yourself, but maybe you can talk your significant other into buying it for you haha!


How cute is this adult kitchen apron? The gold peplum detail at the neck, and the waist ruffle are just so feminine! I own this and love it! I'm always looking for a cute apron, because I Like to hang them from one of the pulls on my upper cabinets in the kitchen as decor. It just gives off that lived in look that I love! This one is under $30, and is a perfect Galentine's Day gift if I do say so myself!

This essential oil diffuser is so cute, and is the closest facsimile to the Young Living Aria diffuser I could find. What I love is the top looks like glass but is plastic with a holographic sheen to it! It changes colors and produces a visible steam from the top of it. For the price, I feel like this is actually a quality diffuser! We got one before knowing we were getting an Aria diffuser for Christmas and decided to keep it because we love it so much! It changes colors, too! Super great gift idea and not too pricey!

Have you ever seen anything as cute as this flamingo catchall? There a little lid on its back that comes off, and you can store things in it like bobby pins, hair ties, or paper clips if its in your office. It's just the cutest thing ever and the perfect quirky piece to style on top of some books on any table! I just love this guy, and I have it in my boffice!


I use these makeup brushes everyday, and I've had them for over a year and a half! They're so soft, and actually feel great in the hand--not too light and flimsy. The rose quartz print is absolutely gorgeous in person, and for the price you can't beat it! Every makeup lover needs this cutie 9 piece set!

Applying your skincare and rolling over it with these rose quartz facial tools helps the product to seep in further and brings blood to the surface of your skin stimulating collagen production. That means less wrinkles and better absorption of your products into your skin. I highly recommend these two tools. Use them everyday for the best results!

Target has a whole host of cute boho finds right now (blog post coming soon), but I though this piece was special! Add a plant to one of these, and it makes a great V-day gift for any self-respecting plant mom! I love that terra-cotta is really in right now, because the color is simply stunning! The pattern is super unique too! This one comes in a 6 and 8 inch size!

How cute is this set of heart cutout wooden spoons? We don't use any metal utensils on our Caraway cookware, so these wooden spoons are perfect! You could pair this with a baking mix for a super cute gift for a friend or your significant other!


Thank y'all so much for checking out my Valentine's Day gift guide! I hope you get spoiled on this love-filled holiday! If you'd like to see more seasonal gift guides like this, please leave a comment on this post or send me an email or DM on Instagram! Happy Valentine's Day, babe!

Please note: The links provided are affiliate links, and I do make a small commission on items you buy using my links. I appreciate it so much when you shop my links because it helps me keep this blog running and fund future content and giveaways! Thank you so much in advance if you do choose to shop my links!

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Crockery is a good Valentine gift idea for a newlywed couple as they embark on a new family and life journey. Last year I gifted my brother a complete kitchen set on Valentine's Day (using Valentines Day Coupons) when he bought a new home after his marriage.

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