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It's My Top Gifts Under $100, Honey!

Hi, my honeys! I can't believe, it's already that time of year for holiday gift shopping! I have put together my first of probably a few gift guides for this holiday season, and this one features all gifts under $100! I personally own everything on this list, and I can tell you it's all great stuff! I love putting together these gift guides because I am such a gift giver! I love coming up with the perfect gifts for friends and family members that I know they'll love!

I hope you'll find some great shopping inspo here, and you can click on any of the titles of the items to shop them! Thanks in advance for shopping my links. I make a small commission which doesn't cost you any extra money, but is greatly appreciated by me! Happy holiday shopping, y'all!

Glass Canisters - These canisters are affordable and super cute for your kitchen! I love the little ball glass lids, and I can see them being used in so many ways! These would make a great hostess gift, too!

Fluted Coupe Glasses - So many of you ask about my coupe glasses when I post them, and I had to include them in this gift guide! They're so pretty and polished, and I think these would make a great gift for any cocktail lover on your list!

Mini Skincare Fridge - I could never make a gift guide and not include this mini skincare fridge by Frigidaire! It comes in multiple colors, and it's great to keep your skincare products fresh and help them stay potent for longer. You can also of course use them to store a couple beverages too, so this would make a great gift for anyone working from home these days, which is a lot of us right now!

Coffee Frother - This handheld, lightweight coffee frother works like a charm to make Starbucks quality lattes in your own home! It's so inexpensive, and it would make a great stocking stuffer for your favorite coffee lover!

Pom Pom Slippers - These are just too cute and fancy! My husband calls these my Princess slippers, and I'm here for it! These are the perfect stocking stuffer and quite affordable!

Hair Brush Dryer - Once you switch to using this dryer, you never go back! This all-in-one brush and blowdryer dries your hair quickly, and it takes so much less energy to use because you only need one hand to blow-dry your hair! This is a great bestie gift for someone who's into beauty products--total game changer!

Keurig Mini - I did a campaign with Keurig and Johnathan Adler a couple months back, and I fell in love with the Keurig Mini! My sister claimed my Jonathan Adler one, but I snagged this pink one on sale at Target to replace it because we love it so much! I love that it's a single use machine, so you just fill the tank with the amount of coffee or tea you want in your cup, and hit the button! I can see this being a great gift for your spouse or significant other!

Tea Tumbler Set - This speckled ceramic tumbler set is the perfect little gift for anyone! It comes with its own spoon and drip tray--how cute! I always love including gifts like this in my gift guides, because this is a perfect little gift if you're stumped as to what to get someone!

Hanging Handheld Mirror - How fun is this mirror? It can hang on the wall with just a simple nail, or you can set it on your dresser! It's the cutest pinky nude color with black speckles, and I just adore it! This would be a good gift for a friend who has a cute makeup vanity setup!

Rainbow Trivet - I have this in two colors (it comes in multiple colors), and I just love it! I set my hot pans on it when I take them off the stove, or when I take something small out of the oven! It's silicone and super durable, not to mention cute! These would be perfect for the baker or friend who loves to cook on your list!

Pastel Kitchen Knife Set - This gift is equally practical and aesthetic! We used these knives in our kitchen constantly, and they're super cute! Functionally, they're nice and sharp, and I love that they include kitchen scissors and a peeler with this set! This set is great for anyone!

Pleated Vase - Sometimes you just really want to impress that super aesthetic friend or co-worker with a bomb gift! This pleated vase isn't too expensive, but it's big on style! This would make a killer gift for any home decor lover!

Crosley Record Player - Since everyone has been spending more time at home this year, we've all developed new hobbies. Apparently, mine is listening to records now haha! This rose velvet record player is just darling, and it would look adorable on a TV stand! You could also thrift some vintage records to go with it, too!

Daily Oracle Motivational Book - This book is not only adorable to set out on your coffee table, it's super motivational! I find myself just flipping through and opening up on a random page all the time to get some inspiration for the day! We've all had a hard year, so I'm sure this would make a great gift for anyone!

Color-Changing Shell Lamp - Y'all, I just had to include this one in my gift guide because it's just too darn cute and affordable! I feel like this is technically a kid's gift, but like, as a adult I can appreciate the calming vibes of the color changing light! I will just diffuse some oils, kick back, and watch this thing glow for some serious stress relief!

Diamond Shaped Watering Can - Who has a plant mom or plant dad on their list? These diamond shaped watering cans are boujee, and I'm here for it! They come in multiple colors, and any self-respecting houseplant enthusiast would LOVE this as a Christmas gift!

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