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It's My Recent Amazon Purchases, Honey!

Hi, my honeys! I did a little poll on my Instagram recently asking if y'all would like a little round-up blog post of all the things I've purchased off Amazon recently! Safe to say, it was a resounding YES! I have gathered up all of the items I purchased on Amazon over the last few months to share with you; it's definitely a random list, but I feel like that's how all Amazon order history's are haha! I have intentionally left out items I purchased recently that I was not satisfied with or would not recommend to you, so know that everything on this list, I am recommending to you! You can click the titles or photos to shop!

We absolutely love this mop because of it's washable and reusable cleaning pads, the rechargeable battery that lasts quite a while, and the spinning mop heads that allow for a deep clean! Dirt and stains come up very easily with a little water/floor cleaning solution and a couple passovers with this mop! Today (7/4/19) is the last day to use my code PEONYNHONEY for 25% off at checkout!

The 90's called, and she wants her oversized hair clips back, but she ain't gettin' 'em! I adore this cheap little set of hair clips! Pull back on side of your hair and add a clip for an instant upgrade to your hairstyle! They're so affordable, it's worth a try!

I usually get my eyebrows threaded, but it's been awhile since I've been able to make it in. I picked up this set off Amazon and loved it! There's a variety of tips to these tweezers, which helps you get every last wayward hair! It comes with a mini pair of scissors, too!

I absolutely love these liquid pumps! They're perfect to store alcohol, toner, and makeup remover! I will use some Swisspers cotton rounds and just tap on the top of the lid to tone my face every day and remove my makeup! It's the easiest, most convenient thing ever!

Ever forget to get someone a birthday gift? Need to bring a lil somethin' somethin' to a hostess of an event? Well, this is your new go-to! This is one of the most popular candle scents out there, and it's affordable enough to gift someone for any occasion! Buy a few to have on hand or utilize that Prime shipping to send it as a last minute gift to someone!

I loved this handbag so much, I bought a second one and included in in a past giveaway! It's just darling, and it's the perfect summer bag! It comes with an inner lining pouch, or you can use your own to conceal your items!

This is the garment rack I keep in my boffice closet! I love it because it's sturdy enough to hold lots of items, but is low-profile to fit into tiny spaces! The wood shelf on the bottom is cute, and it adds a place to store some shoes and handbags! Love it!

Y'all already know I'm extra AF, but did you know that I'm extra enough to buy fancy gold scissors for my boffice? LOL, well I did, and these are super cute, so don't judge me! These baby scissors are perfect for cutting tags off clothing, removing loose threads, and trimming false eyelashes! And, let's face it, I bought them because they look good on my desk!

I recently snagged these adorable wood and resin knobs to put on my IKEA shoe cabinets in our new and improved laundry room! I simply love the design, and they were super easy to install! If you're looking to upgrade a dresser or cabinet in your home, I highly recommend these if you have single knob openings. They come in packs of 4!

Boob lights...we hate them, we love to make jokes about them, and we never get around to replacing them! Well, I did! Granted, this light has a little boobage going on, but it's much sleeker than the other lights, and it doesn't have the weird nipple in the center! Amen! We used this light in our laundry room makeover, and it has two bulb sockets inside, so it's nice and bright!

I can't say enough good things about this water filtering pitcher! We love not having to buy water bottles anymore and the fact that we're using less plastic! These pitchers are normally $40 and are currently on sale for $16! The filters last 90 days, and replacement filters are easy to come by and affordable! We keep two of these in our fridge, so we always have fresh, cold water! The water filters through quickly, and most importantly, tastes great!

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