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It's a Fridge Makeover for the Holidays, Honey!

Hi, my honeys! The holidays are coming up, and I don't know about you but we have to prep our Samsung Family Hub Fridge for all the food that is about to be shoved into it for all those holiday meals! It has quite a bit of storage, but I wanted to maximize the space even more! I thought it would be a perfect time to deep clean and reorganize our fridge, so we can make the most of it this holiday season! Thank you to Samsung Home Appliances for sponsoring this post! If your fridge is in desperate need of some organization, keep on reading!

I swear, the hardest part of reorganizing your fridge is cleaning it out. Spills happen, and every so often a deep cleaning is necessary. Our Samsung Family Hub Fridge actually is quite easy to clean, though, because so many of the shelves and drawer pieces come out and come apart! I started out by taking all the shelves and drawers completely out of the fridge and got to work on scrubbing the inside. I used just some baking soda, a scrubbing pad, and Thieves essential oil cleaner from Young Living to scrub out the inside of our fridge. I then gave all the drawers and components a good washing before placing everything back inside the fridge.

To start out, I wanted to place some new mats down that I found on Amazon to provide easy cleanup when spills happen. It came as a roll, and I cut them to size for each shelf in our Samsung Family Hub Fridge. That way, when a bit of leftover turkey juice spills or some crumbles from a pie end up on our refrigerator shelves, all we have do is clean the mat and not the whole fridge (again lol). Erika from the present is really thinking about Erika in the future! HAHA!

I wanted to organize our fridge in such a way that allowed for extra space for the big things like a whole roasted chicken, full size pie, and room for leftovers! In order to do that I had to pair down our condiments a bit, and I got a lazy Susan style clear container for all of our daily condiments that we kept like ketchup, mustard, almond butter, etc. This will give us easy access to those items but keep them all neatly stored together.

I also transferred our pasta sauces, almond milk, cold brew coffee, and other items into clear glass Ball mason jars! I thought this would look more aesthetically pleasing and keep those items in more simple packaging for easy storage. I made sure to put the expiry dates on the tops of all the jars! In addition to adding our commonly used liquids to mason jars, I also transferred our sauces and dressings to clear glass salad dressing bottles I got off Amazon! This takes away the bulkiness of store packaging and also gives a more aesthetic look.

I made sure to stow away fruits and veggies in the drawers since the Samsung Family Hub Fridge allows me to adjust the humidity level for those to keep them fresher! I love to make stovetop potpourri during the holidays, so I make sure to keep extra apples and oranges on hand at all times! I also reorganized the refrigerator drawer, which we love to store sandwich supplies like deli meats, cheeses, butter, etc. This drawer is so handy and feels like bonus storage! This would be a great place to store charcuterie board supplies for the holidays.

A great way to make some room in your freezer is to take items out of their boxes. Waffle boxes, burger boxes, and popsicle boxes all take up too much space! You can make so much more room by taking everything out of their packages and putting them back in the freezer with just the plastic. I love having two levels to our freezer, and I separated side dishes like cauliflower rice and frozen veggies on the top from frozen meats on the bottom. This is a great way to pick out meals for dinner, too, when everything is sorted this way.

Overall, I'm happy with how my little Samsung Family Hub Fridge holiday makeover came out! This already very functional fridge is now operating at maximum functionality for our family! We are now more than prepared for holiday meal prep and LOTS of leftovers! Happy holidays, y'all, and I highly recommend the Samsung Family Hub Fridge if you're in the market for a new refrigerator!

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