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It's an Anthropologie Planter Dupe DIY, Honey!

Hi, my honeys! I was doing my usual perusing (drooling at) the Anthropologie website, and I found a super cute planter. It was small and $24 plus shipping, and it wasn't the right color. However, it gave me an idea for a DIY version! Then, I could make my own exactly the way I want it and for less! What’s great about this project is it’s incredibly easy. It’s something I quickly executed while sitting on the floor in my spare room. If you’re someone with some health issues like me, you can accomplish this project easily. Check out this SUPER easy DIY project:



I loved the idea of the protruding letters and the word "bloom" spelled out on it, but the colors are a little loud for my taste and won't match the room I'm putting it in.


- Small Planter

(This is a planter I had lying around from Walmart last year, but any smoothe surface ceramic planter will work)

- Letter Stickers

(Joann Fabrics - these were 40% off, making them $4 for the pack)

- White Chalk Spray Paint or Regular Paint

(I had some of this in the garage leftover from a previous project. My cost: $0, but you can find a white chalk spray paint or regular chalk paint at Home Depot or Walmart for around $6)

Total cost of the project: $15



1) Apply the foam letter stickers as you want them on the planter.

2) Press them down very hard and even apply superglue if you have it to really seal them.

3) Spray paint or paint your planter with a brush, making sure to cover all the sides of the letters. It’s best to do this outside, but it is too cold in Cleveland right now, so I laid down garbage bags in the spare room, opened both windows in the room, and used a painter’s mask. It’s not necessary, but I get migraines, so I didn’t want to inhale any fumes.

4) Allow to dry 24 hours before handling.

Finished Product:

I absolutely love how it came out, and it took no time at all! I think using the chalk paint really makes the letters look more clay-like instead of foam. If you see any edges sticking up on the letters, simply glue them back down with some super glue or whatever you have lying around the house.

I also added a cheap mini faux fiddle leaf fig plant to my planter that I found in the floral aisle at Walmart for only $5. I'm thinking of using the remaining letters to spell out something different on the opposite side, so I have two options for my planter! I hope you enjoyed this little DIY, and please let me know if you'd like to see more!

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