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It's a Mini Bathroom Refresh, Honey!

Hi, my honeys! Y'all really enjoy whenever I do a room makeover, so I'm back at it again with another one! Our "master bath" has been kind of a sore spot for me for awhile now. There was technically nothing wrong with it all. The tile had been updated, the vanity is modern, and everything was in good working order. I just felt like it needed some pizzazz (lol, I just said pizzazz), so I set out to make a few easy changes over time. Since it's a teeny, tiny room, the idea behind the makeover was to lighten the space up and make it appear larger than it is!

This project is all new to you, but I've actually been collecting things for it for quite awhile now, buying things as we could afford them. I've been a little bargain hunter on this project, and I'm super proud of that! Also, a major improvement in the space was simply getting organized and getting rid of all the clutter and extra bath products I don't use or need. Never underestimate how much a little organization can change your space for the better! Once we had collected all the items for the space, we finally decided to put it all together! It helped that we had some leftover Clare paint in the shade Whipped from our laundry room, so we knew we needed to do the makeover before the paint dried up in the garage!

I'm actually SO EXCITED to say that I partnered with LuxHoldups for this project, and I utilized two of their fabulous lucite and brass hardware pieces for the space! LuxHoldups will add a major touch of glam to your home, and I highly suggest you check them out! Are they boujee? Yes, but seriously, why not have a little glam in our bathroom, especially since I'm always in there taking baths! It's also the primary guest bathroom, so we felt like adding a few extra special touches would be appreciated by more people than just us! Thank you so much to LuxHoldups for collabing with me on this space!



Now, to the actual makeover! As I mentioned before the first step was changing the paint color. It was a medium toned gray before that made the space feel dark and small. With the leftover Clare paint from my laundry room makeover, I had the walls painted with Clare's creamy off white Whipped shade. Instantly, the space was brighter and felt larger.

Next, I removed our old IKEA medicine cabinet mirror, which always felt a bit to big for the space. I replaced it with THIS flat, round brass mirror from Target, and wow, what a difference that made! The space feels so much more open now! I did still need some storage, though, so I removed our old cumbersome over-the-toilet ladder storage unit that just took up too much space and added THIS very cute mango wood and brass wall shelf from World Market above the toilet! Open shelving is a great way to make a space feel brighter and larger! I also grabbed a matching mango wood hook plaque with 5 acrylic and brass hooks on it! Super cute!

I decided to keep my same Agneta shower curtain from Anthropolgie because it's fabulous, but I swapped out our old gray round bath rug for a new white and black patterned tasseled bath mat. I also kept my same white round table, but I streamlined the items on it and added a glass container for my bath salts, which I use every time I take a bath!

I then spent a good health day sitting in a chair in my bathroom going through my vanity and throwing away expired and old products I don't use. Man, you won't believe how many bath, body, and hair products you have until you go through them! I kept only the things I really use and put frequently used items into cute glass jars from Joann Fabrics to keep them organized. I have jars for cotton balls, cotton swabs, floss, essential oils, and more! I labeled them using Talented Kitchen's set of bathroom labels! If you haven't checked out Talented Kitchen's labels on Amazon, you really need to! They come in big packs, so there's labels for everything! Then, as a drawer liner, I used THIS removable wallpaper from Target!

Next, I tackled all the little details! I got a cute mismatched collection of towels from Target and World Market, I added a couple of cute plants in cute planters, THIS first aid container for all of our first aid items, the cutest penny tile printed tissue box cover, new acrylic and brass drawer pulls, and some more labeled glass jars of cotton products. I also had the light fixture swapped out for THIS gorgeous black and brass frosted globes light fixture, which I scored on eBay for $70 because it was an open box return. I also added black outlet covers, and a new black trash cash and toilet brush. I did already have the wall mount soap dispensers. but it's worth noting how functional they are! Also, I added a piece of artwork y'all helped me pick out on my Instagram stories and some cute baskets to store extra bath items and cleaning supplies.

Lastly, we installed the BEAUTIFUL lucite and brass toilet paper holder and towel rod from LuxHoldups. When they arrived at our home, I was instantly obsessed! They're heavy and sturdy, and I plan to take them with us if we ever move because they're just that nice! They match the drawer pulls I had purchased and held onto from last year, and they just add the perfect touch of glam to this space!

Overall, my husband and I are super pleased with how this project turned out! I wish we had done it sooner, but I'm so glad we finally did! In the future, maybe we'll move to a new house with a bigger master bath, or maybe we won't. Either way, I'm in love with my bathroom as is and truly wouldn't change a thing! You'd be surprised at how a fresh coat of paint, some organization, and a few new decorative accents can transform your space! You don't have to spend a fortune, either. Just buy a few items here and there until you have everything you need to makeover the whole space! And despite the fact that it's a very small bathroom, it feels very open, and it truly has everything I use and need on a daily basis!

I hope y'all enjoyed this mini makeover, and I want to thank LuxHoldups again for partnering with me on this project! It's the beautiful little details that truly make a space! What is your favorite feature of the space? Would you like to see more projects like this one? Please let me know! Thanks again, and I'll catch ya next time, my honeys! Hugs!

Here are all the details in the space! Click on the photos to shop:

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1 Comment

Sep 22, 2023

Love the mini bathroom refresh, honey! It's incredible how minor tweaks and additions can breathe new life into a space. The refreshed aesthetics combined with functional updates make the bathroom feel brand new. From the new fixtures to the fresh color palette, every detail has been thoughtfully considered. It’s these kinds of thoughtful touches that potential homebuyers will surely appreciate.

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