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It’s a DIY Pottery Barn Mirror For Less, Honey!

Hi, my honeys! If y’all have been following along on my Instagram, you know I’ve been tweaking our master bedroom a bit since we had to get a new bed frame! We need to be able to raise the head of the bed 6 inches to allow for better blood flow while I asleep, so I have a better chance at feeling decent when I get up in the morning. Long story short, I have POTS syndrome, and my blood doesn’t circulate properly, and mornings Are the worst for me because my blood pools all night while I’m laying flat!

I purchased a new bed frame with a separate super cute Opalhouse rattan headboard from Target, and of course I decided I might as well redecorate the room while I’m at it lol—any excuse to decorate! I decided to go for a boho, resort hotel room vibe and planned to borrow items from other rooms, use thrifted items, DIY some things, and hit the Target clearance section to save money since money is super tight right now for us.

I have been admiring this beautiful round mirror from Pottery Barn Teen for the last few months and thought maybe I would save up for it. Then it dawnes on me that I could actually DIY this mirror for a lot less than what they are charging! In this post I will walk you through my DIY project and show you how to create this beautiful dupe for Pottery Barn is $199 mirror for only $80!

Pottery Barn Teen Wood Ball Mirror - $199

My DIY Mirror - $80


- 3 sets of 2.25" Split Wood Balls (I paid a discounted $13.99 per set)

- White Spray Paint (or you can leave them natural)

- Round Frameless Mirror (Mine is 24" round from Target for $37.99)

Total cost for me: around $80 - I already had the glue & spray paint from past projects.


1) Lay your mirror on a flat, level surface like the floor or kitchen countertop.

2) Spray paint your split wood balls if you chose to paint them, and let them dry.

3) Lay out all of your wood balls onto the mirror all touching each other, so you know how many you'll be able to fit going around. If you end up with extra space, but not quite enough to put one more ball on, make sure to space out all of your balls with a smidge of extra space to accommodate one more ball.

- I did not do this and started gluing them all down before realizing I was running out of space, so I have some larger gaps on one part of the mirror that I strategically hid with a plant. Learn from my mistakes, y'all! LOL!

4) Glue down your split wood balls flat side down, one at a time.

5) Allow glue to dry 24 hours before hanging!

6) After hanging, wink at yourself in the mirror because you just made a fabulous PB dupe!


I hope you enjoyed this little DIY project! I'd like to do more of these "couch crafts"! If you'd like to see more easy DIY projects, let me know! Thanks for reading, y'all! Hugs!

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1 Comment

I love your thrifty reproduced mirror. What style is this mirror considered? I would like to create and add to my bathroom in a small tract home. Many times I have DIY'd art, decor and other things seen on Pinterest and YouTube but am disappointed with the finished look. How do we know the decor will look ok in our homes?

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