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It's 5 Things I Recently Bought on Amazon, Honey!

Hi, my honeys! I know many of you are just as obsessed with ordering things on Amazon as I am, so I decided to do a quick roundup of the last 5 items I ordered on Amazon! I will give you a little review of the items as well! Hope you enjoy this, and please let me know if you'd like me to keep updating you on what I buy on Amazon!

I ordered these for after my surgery, so I don't have to worry about wearing pants and anything potentially rubbing against my incisions. Yeah, I bought them for the comfort factor, but I also think they're super duper cute! They really have that boho style going on , and I love how colorful they are! I picture myself wearing them with my favorite Wenda cut-out booties from Target and a felt rancher hat like this one! At only $28 a piece, they're a great buy for anyone that needs an easy, comfy dress to wear at home or in public! You can also add a faux fur vest or a waist belt for a little extra style!

I ordered these pillow covers from Woven Nook, because we needed a couple of accent pillow for our master bedroom. My husband says I'm banned from buying any new pillow, but I'm allowed to grab some pillow covers! I kept my favorite IKEA 26" pillow inserts from our last bedding set up and stuffed them inside the 22" size pillow covers for a really full pillow look! I love the dusty pink color, and the corduroy design adds a little texture! The best part is they're two for $34.95 with free Prime shipping!

I grabbed a new steering wheel cover as I recently swapped out my car lease for a Black 2019 Jeep Compass! I loved my White Compass, but I have to say I'm kind of obsessed with my new black one! It would be me if I didn't add a girly touch to my car, though, so I picked up this super cute floral steering wheel cover! This protects your steering wheel from all the dirt on your hands. It sounds gross, but the steering wheel can get so dirty just from frequent use! I will put a cover on and replace them if needed throughout my car lease! This one is under $15 and was very easy to put on myself!

Ladies, you haven't lived unless you've used a facial roller on your skin! It helps stimulate your skin and will help any serums or creams you apply to your face sink deeper into your skin for better results! The small heart shaped massaging tool feels so good along the jawline. I broke my other roller by accidentally stepping on the handle, so I ordered this affordable set as a replacement, and I have zero regrets!

If you saw my bathroom makeover, you may recognize this cutie! This enamel box is now the home for all of our bandaids, salves, and medical supplies. We used to have different things in different drawers in our house and could never find anything, but now we have everything in this surprisingly large sturdy box! It now sits on the top shelf in our bathroom and is easily accessible when we have a boo boo! lol!

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