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It's a Fall Fashion Try-On, Honey!

Updated: Oct 15, 2018

Hi, my honeys! I have put together some looks for Fall, and did a big ol' try-on sesh for y'all! I am 5'4, 125lbs, and I typically wear size Small in tops and 2-6 in jeans/pants/dresses depending on the store. I would describe my figure as short and curvy, and I've learned a lot about how to dress my body. First thing you need to do is accept where you are now and buy things that fit your current shape. Looking good at any size starts from within! We all have our insecurities, but I try to focus on the parts of my body I love when I go shopping! Hope you enjoy this lil' try-on, and let me know if you want more for other seasons!


Look #1:

I'd typically wear this look as a weekend shopping outfit or as a pumpkin patch ensemble! I like wearing layers to go shopping because inevitably I get hot in stores and need to peel off a layer to breathe! Seriously, though, I wonder why retail store dressing rooms are always so dang hot? Anyway, apparently they call this a Canadian Tuxedo haha, but I love it, and I think the two different colors of denim break it up a bit. Ain't nothin' wrong with a little denim on denim; just ask Justin Timberlake and Britney Spears circa 2001!

Look #2:

I would wear this look to a fun weekend event or radio station appearance! I like to wear clothes that are comfortable to stand around in for awhile but also kind of trendy, so I look like I'm actually a hip radio host and not the girl who lives in sweatpants! I love owning one high quality leather jacket, too, because it's so versatile! Splurge on a few staple pieces in your closet you know you'll get plenty of use out of! The boots are super comfy too, and ya'll I just love this hat because it's fun and different!

Look #3:

This is an outfit I'd wear to a meeting with radio clients or a lunch with a business acquaintance! I think it's casual, but it's a really put together look at the same time! It really makes me look like I have my sh!t together and that I'm not a complete hot mess. LOL! Every gal needs a good trench in her wardrobe! It's also great for getting that layered look - you can even throw on a sweater over the white shirt for more layers, but I was hot today, so I didn't HAHA! Also, I love this belt - I can't afford the Gucci belt that every fashionista has (YET!), but this one looks great and was super inexpensive!

Look #4:

This is just a slight variation on the trench coat outfit, but instead I've paired my favorite shirt bodysuit with a mustard cardigan! Mustard = Fall to me, and I can't stop buying mustard things. My husband thinks I have a problem, and maybe I do but don't judge me, okay? LOL You can add some pattern by swapping out my favorite Wenda cut out booties for leopard print mules! I just haven't had the chance to pick any up yet!

Look #5:

This just screams cozy and comfy! They literally call this a "wubby fleece" - WUBBY! I wanna wub my face all over this! I'd wear this look to make my weekly trip to Trader Joe's or a quick trip to Target in which I'll spend at least $100 when all I came for was tampons -- But let's be honest, though, if I was going to TD's or Tarjay, my makeup and hair would not be done haha!

Look #6:

Can I just say, I am dying over the striped sweaters from American Eagle! They're so soft and cozy, and I adore the little buttons! I've paired it with those super comfy tall faux suede boots and my favorite mid rise denim skinny jeans from Express and a simple black handbag from Michael Kors! This look definitely says coffee date with a friend, but I don't drink caffeine -- but it's totally fine, I jealously watch people drink coffee and settle for tea. I'm really not MISSING COFFEE AT ALL! SEND HELP!

Look #7:

Want to be the comfiest ever and still look like you're a fashionista? Get you a jumpsuit, girl! This affordable olive green jumpsuit by Old Navy is effortlessly chic and feels like you're wearing your pajamas! This is a major win! Dress it up with some heeled booties or dress it down with some slip on tennies! Either way, you'll look fab AF!

Look #8:

Back at it again with the AE striped sweater, and I'm loving it! This oatmeal and black one reminds me of a varsity baseball tee, the sweater version! I've paired this one with a gray studded Michael Kors handbag because I'm sooo edgy! LOL! The lace tank underneath is super comfy and goes with literally everything in your closet -- it's a must!

Look #9:

Have you started noticing a pattern that your girl does not get dressed up too often? I like to be comfortable and thankfully I have a job (radio host) that allows me to dress however casual I want -- really, sometimes I show up in sweatpants haha! But, we have a webcam now and livestream the show on YouTube, so your girl put this look together so as to not scare the viewers! I've learned a new fashion term: balloon sleeve, and I'm a HUGE fan! It adds interest to an otherwise boring white sweatshirt that make you feel feminine and cute! I also love this easy Michael Kors Crossbody for my essentials and these slip on, kick around black quilted tennis shoes! P.S. Do you ever just add a cute handbag to a super casual look to feel like you're more dressed up than you are? My hand is raised sky high right now! LOL!

Look #10:

This daytime boss babe is headed to a meeting, a lunchtime date with the hubs, or is just casually taking the world by storm. HAHA! This long line black blazer from H&M is the chic piece every modern woman needs in her closet! The gold buttons add to the sophistication of this tailored, well-fitting stretch jacket! For the daytime look, I paired it with my favorite jeans and booties, and a white turtleneck top. Also, my hair is up because I clearly mean business! Always be closing! LOL!

Look #11:

Well, here it is y'all! I finally got dressed up for my own way! I'm taking a page out of Miss Blake Lively's book with a take on menswear for a cocktail party! I actually wore this exact outfit to a really fun couple's wedding, and it was a big hit! Dresses are awesome, but showing up in a fitted blazer with coated leather-like skinny denim jeans, you're a new kind of Belle of the ball...I don't know, the kind that drinks Jamo on the rocks and knows all the words to "The Fresh Prince of Bel Air" theme song. Do I own an art gallery? Am I a publicist for a famous musician? I mean, I totally could be in this ensemble, right? Oh yeah, and I'm learning that buns are called topknots and are actual fashion statements when you wear them with a cute outfit and your makeup done and not just for getting your hair out of your face when you're too lazy to do it. By the way, these heels will be off in two seconds.

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