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It's a DIY Feather Light Fixture, Honey!

Hi, my honey's! Sometimes you have to DIY if the stores don’t carry what you’ve dreamed up in your head! This ostrich feather light fixture was that exact scenario! Ostrich feathers have a special meaning to me because we used them in our 1920's style wedding back in 2015. I even have an ostrich feather tattoo on the back of my neck! I found an inspo pic while aimlessly looking at Pinterest and thought, “Wow, I need that,” but couldn’t find one for sale anywhere!

A nylon lantern, 300 feathers, a cord kit, and hours of glue gunning later, I completed the piece and hung up in my dressing/makeup room! I’m in love with how it turned out and the meaning behind it! I also love pieces in my home that I put sweat equity into creating! It just makes it that much more special!


...So how did I make it?

What You'll Need:

- Nylon Lantern the size of your choice (Mine is 18")

- 200 6-8 inch white ostrich feathers

- 100 14-16 inch white ostrich feathers

- Cord Kit (Hardwired or Plug-in)

- Glue Gun

- Plenty of Glue Gun Sticks

- Scissors

How to make it:

1) Start by placing the metal frame inside the nylon lantern to create its round shape.

2) Take out your 200 6-8 inch ostrich feathers and start hot gluing them with the curve of the feather shaped around the nylon lantern with the stem of the feather facing up. Add rows of feathers at a time to cover the entire lantern. The goal here is not to see any of the lantern underneath.

3) Trim the stems of your 14-16 inch feathers so that the stem part is not protruding.

4) Hot glue the large feathers in rows around the lantern, making sure to fill in any gaps that may have been left out in the first round of glueing feathers.

5) Allow the glue to completely dry before inserting the cord kit and hanging your fixture!

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