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It's a Cheap Makeup Brush Set Review, Honey!

Hi, my honeys! I typically wouldn't dedicate an entire blog post to one specific product, but I feel compelled to do so because this brush set is just that good. I purchased this 9 piece makeup brush set for only $15.75 (normally $21) from affordable makeup brand BH Cosmetics on a whim because I wanted a nice set to keep out on my makeup desk. This brand is known for putting out quality makeup at affordable prices, so I wanted to see what their brushes would be like!

If the quality turned out to be subpar, I figured I would just keep them out on display because they are so pretty to look at. However, I was extremely surprised to find out how soft and amazing these brushes are when they arrived! I carefully inspected these and have used these brushes for a few weeks now, so I will share all of my thoughts about them in this post and what exactly you're getting with this set.


What You Get:

- 9 Makeup Brushes

- 4 Face Brushes, 5 Eye Shadow Brushes


- Super soft synthetic fibers

- No noticeable shedding

- Heavy, luxurious feeling handles

- Rose Quartz design is super stunning

- Easy blending

- Easy to clean with brush cleaner

- Numbered on the handles


- No foundation brush (I like using a damp makeup sponge anyway)

Why I Love Them:

This 9 piece makeup brush set is not only beautiful, but it's a very practical set for makeup beginners, for travel, or to have as a display set on your vanity at home. The brushes are very dense with the softest synthetic fibers, so you're able to achieve a perfect blend every time! The most surprising thing about this makeup brush set is the weight of the handles. The heavier handles feel like a luxury brand of makeup brushes, instead of a cheap hollow wood handle that can easily slip out of your hand.


If you're looking for an affordable makeup brush set that performs well, looks beautiful on your vanity, and feels luxurious, this is it girl! I was so pleasantly surprised by these brushes, and I'm very happy with my purchase. BH Cosmetics has other brushes on their site as well, and I would have zero hesitation in buying any of their other brush sets after this purchase. I just figured I would share this review with y'all, because I know how hard it can be to find quality makeup brushes at a really affordable price.

This is one item I really just don't like to spend money on because over time, they need to be replaced after staining and lots of use. I'm definitely going to make these brushes my travel set for when I go out of town because pretty much all the essentials are there, with the exception of a foundation brush. I like a damp Morphe makeup sponge anyway, so I'm not even mad about it. I hope you enjoyed this review, and if you'd like to see more beauty related reviews, let a gal know!

*As always, I am disclosing to you that some of the links provided in this blog post are affiliate links. By purchasing an item using one of my affiliate links, I earn a small commission. This helps me keep this blog running and providing you with quality content, so I thank you in advance for any purchases you make using my links! Your support is everything to me!*

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