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It's a Budget Gift Guide, Honey! ($25 and Under)

Updated: Nov 12, 2019

Hi, my honeys! It's been one tough year for my family and I, and needless to say our holiday spending for gifts this year will be severely cut back! I figured since we are spending less on gifts this year, I'd give y'all some inexpensive gift ideas as well! I have 25 different things listed below I think will make great gifts, and they're all $25 or less! I hope you find this gift guide helpful, and remember the holidays should really be about spending time with loved ones! Don't feel guilty or embarrassed about spending less on gifts!

This jewelry box looks so luxe, and it's the perfect size for any vanity!

These adorable terrarium candles are $25 each and are complete showstoppers!

Everyone loves letter boards and coming up with cute sayings for them! They're also great for family photos and announcements! This square wood one is only $22.99!

I have been obsessed with my rose quartz makeup brush set all year, and it's SO affordable! The quality is excellent for the price ($21) and makes a great gift for your makeup loving friend!

These are my three fav matte lipsticks, and I use them all year long! You get three minis for $25, and they're super pigmented!

How often do we get fresh flowers and search the house high and low for a cute vase? What a great gift this would make for someone in your life at only $25.

This is just too cute of a gift not to share! I have this cactus pot holder in my kitchen and love it! It's only $6.99, so maybe you could add some kind of baking mix to the gift!

We all have that friend obsessed with her skincare regimen! Well, this rose quartz roller and facial massaging tool set is that little bit of luxury to add to her routine! It's priced reasonably at $18.99 and is great for minimizing wrinkles!

I have two of these $16.99 wood plant hangers in my home and love them! Your favorite plant mom might like them too, and you can even make a quick stop at your local nursery or hardware store to grab a cute plant to go in it!

Blankets make the best gifts, and this little pom pom one is totes adorbs and only $8.99

I have these towels in my newly decorated bathroom, and I love them! They're neutral but add so much texture! They're $9.99 each, and I think a set of 2 is a perfect Christmas gift!

Need a gift for a male coworker or friend? This beer tasting flight set is PERFECT for any self respecting bro! LOL! Grab a quick 6 pack of mixed holiday beers and you got yourself a solid guy gift! This set is $14.99.

Calling all winos, this is the perfect gift any self-respecting wine lover! I feel like a wine tasting is just an excuse to get drunker, and I'm here for it!

Not only do these look pretty in your bathroom, these flower soaps smell so good! Treat your friend to this $9.99 set, and pair it with the shell bath pillow and/or bath salts!

Everyone could use a good warm neutral eyeshadow palette! This one has lots of shimmers and foil shadows perfect for glam looks and everyday wear! You get all these shadows for only $25, and the quality is great!

Hi, this is the cutest inflatable bath pillow ever, and I will not be convinced otherwise! If you're putting together a spa gift for a friend, this is the perfect addition at only $6.99!

Here's another dual purpose gift, which I love! The bath salts smell like heaven, and when they're used up, you still have a cute bottle to refill! Pair this with the clam shell bath pillow, and it's a perfect spa gift set! This bottle is $12.99.

These are my two favorite dry lips products--hands down! This is the only way I keep my lips from cracking all winter, and this bundled set is only $18!

Sephora sheet masks are the best! My sister got me a set last year, and I enjoyed being able to pick one out to use every so often all year long! This entire set is only $25!

You could get a set of 2 of these glasses for under $14 and add a mini bottle of champagne or wine!

This is such a great hostess gift for any holiday parties you might attend! It's under $20, and I love that you get the cheese markers and the slate cheese plate!

How cute is this planter set? They look great as a grouping or can be spread throughout the home! The price is so good at only $14.95!

A pair of gloves is always a great gift, especially if you're like me and lose them all the time! These ones are chenille lined and only $18.

I love a gift that serves more than one purpose! These $18 candles are so cute that when you've burned through all the wax, you can use it as a little jewelry box! Decor & Fragrance in one!

This $18 wooden cheese board is sure to make the cat lover in your life happy! Feel free to buy me this, thanks!

Thank you so much for checking out this holiday gift guide! I really hope this was helpful for y'all, since I know we all don't have unlimited budgets for gifts! Let me know what other gift guides you'd like to see, or what you're still looking for! You can shop the gifts below!

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Don't feel guilty or embarrassed about spending less on gifts! geometry dash subzero

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