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It's My 2020 12 Days of Giveaways Preview, Honey!

Hi, my honeys! I can't believe it, but it's already that time for my 12 Days of Giveaways! This is my chance to say thank you and give back to y'all for being so supportive! Beginning on 12/1/20 through 12/12/20, I will host a daily giveaway on my Instagram feed! You can enter all the giveaways or only one; just make sure you follow the rules listed on each post!

To set up my giveaways, at the end of every year I go back to my favorite brands I've had the pleasure of working with and ask them to donate an item to gift to one of you! I am very selective about the brands I choose to work with, so I'm confident y'all will love these giveaways! As a little preview to what you could possibly win, I am revealing all the brands participating in this year's giveaways! Without further ado, here are the brands participating in my 12 days of giveaways:

Perhaps, you saw me under the cutest chunky blanket on my Instagram feed this summer! Well, I'm here to tell you not only are their blankets aesthetically pleasing, they are weighted! Weighted blankets help with things like anxiety, sleep issues, and restless legs! I personally sleep with a weighted blanket every night, and I sleep so well now!

This brand has to be my favorite for hair products and tools. You can tell they think through the designs of their tools, and all of their products just simply work for me. I take my hair very seriously lol, and I only want to use the best products and tools on my hair! I think you're going to love this giveaway, because it's something I know many of us can use!

Hello dream brand to work with! I am so excited to reveal one of Martha's latest endeavors, a line of products that have personally helped me so much! It's Martha Stewart, so you know the quality of her products is on point! I have been using her CBD products for a few weeks now, and I have to say that adding them to my routine has made me sleep better, I'm calmer, and I feel supported in my quest to conquer my anxiety. I'm sure we could all use the gift of calm this holiday season! If you don’t wanna risk it, you can use my code Erika15 for $$ off your purchase!

Two words: custom pillows! I have been stalking this brand for a long time, and finally, I got the opportunity to have some custom pillows made! I am OBSESSED! Her work is so stunning, and who doesn't love a fun throw pillow?! You'll be able to choose your own adventure with this giveaway!

When I think about Parachute, I immediately think cozy and comfort! Their products are unparalleled when it comes to quality, and I'm so excited to gift one of you some amazing cozy products! I always tell people to splurge on your mattress, bedding, robe, slippers, and all the comforts of home! I mean, especially this year we have spent so much time at home! You might as well make yourself as cozy as possible with some quality products!

One of my favorite home updates we did this year was take down two upper cabinets in our kitchen and replace them with custom maple open shelves from Ultra Shelf! I was so impressed with the quality of their shelves, the ease at which they were installed, and how well packed they were. It's no secret I love to style our kitchen shelves over and over again, and I want to gift that magic to one of you!

I don't know what I did before my Caraway pots and pans set! The level of non-stick these pans are is beyond explanation lol! I love cooking, but I really hate to do dishes! These pans make it so easy to clean because the food and sauces just slide right off of them! Another huge reason why I love Caraway is that all of their pans are non-toxic. I didn't realize this but Teflon is actually full of chemicals. Yeah, I don't want chemicals on my food, so I'm happy to have found Caraway. They have lots of colors to choose from, and they now sell matching kitchen linens and single pots and pans so you can mix and match colors or try a pan out at a time!

I've used Livette's Wallpaper for two projects this year: our stair risers and our kitchen! The prints are just simply the cutest, and my favorite part about their wallpaper is the fact that you can order custom colors! Our tropical palm printed wallpaper in the kitchen is a custom nude tan color, and we love how it matches with our granite countertops! I'm telling you peel and stick removable wallpaper is the future, and it's so renter-friendly too!

I have worked with this brand for over two years now, and I can't imagine buying any other brand of paint. Their pants are highly pigmented, they're nearly odorless and free of all kinds of nasty chemicals, and the COLORS are magical. I can't tell you how many times people ask me about Rosé Season in my guest room or Deep Dive in our lower lounge! These colors are all interior designer created, and they just always hit the mark! Lastly, the concept of paint and all the supplies being shipped to your door is amazing, and you can even order giant square peel and stick swatches before you pull the trigger on a color!

I could literally spend hours on their website looking at all the beautiful, natural looking florals they have! They also have one of the largest collections of dried and preserved florals which have been really popular this year! I love that I can get everything I need to make a floral arrangement on their website, and somehow everything is even more beautiful in person!

Washable rugs are just a necessity in our household of two clumsy people and three cats. We are always spilling on the rug, and the cats are always barfing on the rug--gross but true lol! Being able to throw these rugs into our washer and dryer has been a godsend to us! I also love being able to switch out the covers with the seasons or when I feel like switching up a room! Once you own the rug pad, you can always order new covers and make your space feel new again! I can't say enough good things about Ruggable and the quality of their rugs!

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 I personally sleep with a weighted blanket every night, and I sleep so well now!geometry dash lite

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